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Archival news footage of when the devotees in Australia heard about the freedom of Soviet devotees

Monday, 02 July 2012 / Published in Blog thoughts / 2,700 views

Gauragopala dasa: Hare Krsna, all glorious to Srila Prabhupada

In October 1988 the Australian and international campaign to win religious freedom in the Soviet Union ended with the registration of ISKCON in the Soviet Union in on June 19th 1988 One year later the Berlin wall came down and in 1991Communism collapsed in the Soviet Union leading to many Countries being established. All these Countries along with old Eastern Bloc Countries have Hare Krishna Temples thriving today in 2012 – All glorious to the Eastern European and Russian Hare Krishnas

Many other archives just found in storage after 26 years can be found here – And their is more to be uploaded

Hare Krana, your fallen servant Gauragopala dasa

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