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Joyful Celebrations In Nandbaba’s House

Friday, 03 August 2012 / Published in Poetry / 1,847 views

Gautam Saha: When joyous sounds emanated from the chieftain Nandbaba’s house
The folks of Gokul knew that a child was born to Yashoda, his spouse
They flocked to the headman’s home in happy hordes
Wearing jewelry, colorful turbans and fine clothes

Baby Krishna had been placed in His cradle
Cherubic, for everyone a joyous bundle
The simple folk who had come to this place
Each longed to see and touch His smiling face

Lord Shiva also came up to Nandbaba’s dwelling
He was most eager to see the Baby Lord smiling
But seeing Him scantily dressed and covered with ash
The ignorant doorkeepers turned Him away in a flash

Lord Shiva went a little afar and sat under a tree
He wondered when He could get a look see
He had come to see the Lord in His new avatar
Never mind that He had to travel from afar

The baby Krishna suddenly cried out and bawled
He kicked at the cradle and would not be consoled
Mother Yashoda and all the ladies present tried to pacify Him in vain
At last they made enquiries and sent for the ash covered figure again

When Lord Shiva came face to face with Lord Vishnu
He marveled at this new leela of Lord Vishnu
Tears of joy rolled down His ascetic face
The baby Krishna smiled in cherubic innocence

Lord Shiva was satisfied with this touching meet
He departed for Kailash, happily contented and replete
Baby Krishna was soothed and gurgled liveliness
While the folks gathered around in gay happiness

The Supreme Lord remains always supreme
In whatever physical form He appears to be
He is eternal, all powerful and omniscient
Lord Krishna as the original Narayan is omnipresent

To understand the Lord in this beautiful manifestation
We must have eyes that are anointed with love and devotion
As stated in the Bhagavad – Gita, bhakti is the highest form of yoga
Krishna is also known as Yogeshwar, the supreme master of all yoga

Gautam Saha

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