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Bring back Yamuna river to Vrndavana – Vraj

Sunday, 05 August 2012 / Published in Poetry / 1,573 views

Madayanti dasi: In the morning when you wake up and yearn for the presence Divine

Gurgle of Yamuna at Kesi-ghat will surely realize your cry

Bring Him to your heart.

In her glowing and gentle waves observe the purity of sacredness

Now that you have opened your eyes to see

purity comes with the purity of water

Blue garland of Vrndavan is curving around your body

At dawn Krsna’s holy name.

By her devotion, Yamuna will attract the Lord straight into your heart

(and)When you long for the presence of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, read His prayers to Yamuna

And when you wish to be present in Krsna’s abode, imagine how would it be if it was clean

And during the day when your drink her waters

Her silky lightness nourishes your body

Remember, Krsna is the taste of water

And Yamuna has come from Goloka Vrindavana just for you.

Her depths dissipate sins accrued who knows when

And the reunion with Divine Couple

is right herei just a glance away

Outstretch your palms and on your fingertips

feel the sharp freshness that scatters all your mind’s foolishness

Sweetness that springs from the taste of Her waters

is the sweetness of the Holy Dham

Her stream is the pathway to the eternal abode

Her riverbed safe shelter

for those who are lost

and for the ashes of this body.

While sunrays caress her surface

And tiny blooms happily wiggle

Countless prayers dive in the depths of her waters

some meet and stay jointly forever

Be a traveler servant of the Holy Dham

along with all other fortunate travelers

At night

while you look at the deepness of azure and drops from the sky cool your dreamy face

pray that Yamuna comes back to Vraj

And then

in your dreams She carries you in her arms to Sri Krsna’s embrace.

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