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Dandavats Site saved me from E-Maya

Wednesday, 08 August 2012 / Published in Articles / 2,616 views

By Nikhil Dixit

“Dandavats Addiction”

Hare Krishna Dandavats Staff,

Please Accept My humble Obeisances. All Glories To Srila Prabhupada.

I am Nikhil from Delhi India, This article is to pay my gratitude to the Dandavats staff through sharing with you all that how Dandavats site saved me from E-Maya. I got to know about this site in 2008 since then I am using this site for reading several articles, updates and listening tracks. In my previous employer we were allowed to access internet except the social sites. Therefore I used to open almost every day this site reading the stories, past times, article and updates. It really helped me to advance in my KC path.

In 2009 or 2010 I was very much influenced by the friends using Face Book and bought the data card and planned to use it after coming back from office. I remember in late night I was chatting with several friends and also reviewed the dandavat site I found one article from one mataji “E-Maya” on the home page. which was related to using twitter, FB etc. I read that article and realized how these social networking sites divert our mind from the path of KC. Though there are several devotees who are really taking advantage of these sites for advancing in their KC but the people like me cannot control their mind and gradually we start misusing this site for sense gratification. This article was exactly indicating on me and guiding me to save me from the hands of E-Maya. I am really thankful to Krishna and mata Ji who have really saved me from this E-maya. Since that night I hardly use face book. Next day I really felt relaxed and comfortable while doing my chanting otherwise I would have been gone to the thoughts of last night.

Recently in April 2012 I changed my job and here it is quite restrictive opening any site we want. But I was really so much addicted to this site that could not stop myself opening it and reading all the new updates. I have observed that in every half an hour something new pops up on this site for our mind to engage in Krishna’s service.

In recent days I also got to know that at the right side of the window it shows the recent media box which has pics, video’s, text and updates from different countries around the world. This was not visible in my previous company probably due to some security restrictions. I am really thankful to the entire staff who has made it very nicely available for us. In my office even I have got warning from the management to avoid using this site but sorry I am helpless as I am now in control and dependent on this site.

I believe we should spread the awareness for this site so that globally everyone take advantage of this site and share the festival with all vaishnavas.

Your Servant,

Nikhil Dixit

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