“Million Dollar Wall” for Krishna, report as of 9/18/12

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Damodara Vamsidhari Das: Dear devotees

Please accept my respectful obesisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

With blessings of His Grace Vaisesika Prabhu and more recently by His Holiness Radhanath Swami, i am pleased to announce that we have sold around 76 Tiles by last Sunday. This brings us more than 50% of our Target till 12/31. But lot of things are still to be done.
More importantly devotees have started reaching out to their friends and relatives and attracting them to be part of this history. e.g Balimardan Prabhu got 2 friends from India who purchased tile, Ravindra Prabhu influenced his company CFO to buy a Tile, Vishaka Lila Mataji Uncle from east coast got a Tile, and there are few more stories that i can write.

We request more devotees to take pledge of bringing more Tile donors.

Also, Radhaastmi is on 22 Sep and it would be a very auspicious occasion to donate Tile/s to be part of this history
You can pay us in installment in 60 or 90 days.

In case you wish to donate please visit isvnewtemple.com/donate to donate a tile or any amount and contact us at isvnewtemple@gmail.com

Here is the Historic Million Dollar Krishna Wall Donors ( + Pledge) List as of last Sunday:

Date Name Number of Tiles
9/16/2012 Lavanya Mataji, Sivaji Prabhu 1
9/16/2012 Savita sisters 1
9/16/2012 Shreya Dasi 1
9/14/2012 Ashohbhai Kinariwala 1
9/12/2012 Ravi Purnam Prabhu 1
9/12/2012 Madvi Raya 1
9/11/2012 Bali friend from India 1
9/11/2012 Srinarayan Prabhu 1
9/8/2012 Sadhana Mataji 1
9/8/2012 Kiron 1
9/8/2012 Govind Charan Prabhu 1
9/9/2012 Ballav Bihani 1
9/1/2012 Ananta Prabhu 1
8/30/2012 Kumar Prabhu 1
8/30/2012 Nick ( Dilip Bhai Neighbour) 1
8/28/2012 Kanka Mataji 1
8/26/2012 Alakh Verma & Kavita Mataji [ Aprameya Prabhu] 1
8/26/2012 Suprita mtj and Tirtha 1
8/26/2012 Rajesh prabhu 6
8/26/2012 Siva Kumar 1
8/26/2012 Sukeswari M 6
8/26/2012 Sundar Prabhu 1
8/26/2012 Vaishaka mataji 3
8/26/2012 balimardana prabhu 1
8/26/2012 Bharani Mataji 1
8/26/2012 Varsana Devi dasi and Ganga Narayan Prabhu 1
8/25/2012 Avijeet Prabhu 1
8/24/2012 Bhaktavatsala Prabhu 1
8/24/2012 Shri. Netar Swaroop Puri (Mumbai) 1
8/22/2012 Pramila ( Shraddha M Friend) 1
8/22/2012 Mohine Chandani ( DVD mother), Padma( Anu Mother) 1
8/22/2012 Yogi ( Hanspriya) 1
8/22/2012 Satyadeva Prabhu ( for Grand childrens) 1
8/22/2012 Keshav Bharati Goswami 1
8/22/2012 Mahesh Prabhu 1
8/22/2012 Tejus Prabhu 1
8/22/2012 Kishan Chand ( DVD FAther), Harish Kumar( Anu Father) 1
8/22/2012 Rahul Prabhu and Supriya Mataji 1
8/22/2012 Loren Russo Mataji (Lila) 1
8/9/2012 Vrindavan Priya Prabhu 1
8/9/2012 Vishwas Goel 1
8/9/2012 Ramanuja ( SKP son) 1
8/9/2012 Madhukar Reddy Sama Prabhu 1
8/9/2012 Vijay Prabhu + Aiswarya Mataji 1
8/9/2012 Hari Sankirtana Pr, Poojha Mataji 1
8/9/2012 Sundar Prabu 1
8/9/2012 Kamana M + Pravesh Pr 1
8/9/2012 Ramanna Prabhu ( SKP Brother in law) 1
8/9/2012 Varun Prabhu + Priyanka M 1
8/9/2012 Ashish Patil + neha + Gaurangi 1
8/9/2012 Raseswari M 1
8/9/2012 Amit Prabhu ( Raseswari Husband) 1
8/9/2012 Sudeep Sabnis Prabhu 1
8/9/2012 Ravindar Prabhu 1
8/9/2012 Amit + Anshu Gupta 1
8/9/2012 Trisabh Prabhu 1
8/9/2012 Ruchir Pandit Prabhu 1
8/9/2012 Vaisesika Prabhu, Nirakula Mataji 1
8/9/2012 Zoe Prabhu 1
8/9/2012 Jagarini M, Akrurnath Prabhu 1
8/9/2012 Raja ram Prabhu 1
8/9/2012 Sri Govind Dutt Prabhu 1
8/9/2012 Bir Krishna Prabhu 1
8/9/2012 Sharon Doyle 1

We pray to the Lordship to be pleased by their donations and give them Their Blessings.

Your humble servant
Damodara Vamsidhari Das (Deepak Chandani)
deepakc108@gmail.com , 949 981 4976

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1 Akruranatha

Actually at ISV on Radhasthami, Srimati Radharani inspired an outpouring of donations. On Radhasthami itself we received pledges for over 50 tiles, and several more tiles were pledge in the days after.

One pledge was received from a senior devotee in another state who saw this article on Dandavats and was inspired. (If he gives permission I will tell his name).

Also, when Radhanatha Maharaja was hear he instructed his local disciples to donate tiles for each member of their family. Many devotees are sacrificing a lot and stretching their budgets to become part of the Wall.

So, we can announce that we have received pledges now for over 130 tiles! Our goal was to distribute 150 tiles by December 31, 2012, and it appears that with Sri Sri Radha Madanamohana’s grace we are well on our way to smashing that goal.

Granted, not all the pledges have been fulfilled yet. I myself pledged for one tile but have not yet scraped together the money. I hope to get my donation in soon and donate for more tiles from my family as I can. My stepson Ananta has also pledged for a tile of his own.

Dhrti and Ramdas were here and have already made some preliminary drawings for the wall. We are not ready to unveil any of the sketches, but in due course we will be revealing the design. From what I have seen I can say it will be beautiful. Also, Ramdas has done similar works and donor walls for other venues, all of which are very nice.

The plan is to have two separate panels with 250 tiles each in the entrance patio of the temple, along the same wall. Even though our goal is for 150 tiles by year end, I am hoping we can distribute 250 tiles so that one completed panel can go up early next year, perhaps even in time for opening of the temple.

We were thinking of different kinds of short-term “capital campaign” fundraising drives, even considering raffles and so on, when Govinda Caran Prabhu told us about a similar drive that succeeded in Seattle, where the devotees built a 500 tile parikram path. Damodar Vamsidhari and others supported the idea, and it has proven to be quite successful. The amount, $2,000 per tile, seems to be low enough that most devotees here can somehow or other afford it, yet high enough that it is quite a significant contribution.

Of course, the program is successful because we are all enlivened by getting tangible bliss, knowledge and detachment from our community devotional activities under Vaisesika Prabhu’s guidance.

Comment posted by Akruranatha on September 25th, 2012

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