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Mayapur Academy – Diploma in Arcana

Saturday, 22 September 2012 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 2,114 views

Gopaladeva Dasa: Diploma in Arcana

Are you looking to develop brahminical knowledge, values, skills and qualities?

The Mayapur Academy can help you through the wide range of subjects offered in the Diploma of Arcana Course. This year’s course offers the following subjects:

Standard Temple Worship – 7 November 2012
Brahminical Culture and Ethics – 24 December 2012
Cooking for the Deities – 26 November 2012
Deity Dressing – 26 November 2012
Astrology – 3 December 2012
Dress-making – 24 December 2012
Care and Worship of Tulasi Devi – 26 November 2012
Samskaras – 7 January 2013
Festivals – 24 January 2013
Flower Arranging – 6 February 2013

You can take the whole course (at one time or spread over a few years) and graduate with a Diploma in Arcana, or do individual Certificate Courses in subjects that interest you.

The course will be led by our experienced staff including Jananivasa Prabhu from the Mayapur Pujari Department, Nrsimha Kavaca Prabhu who is the ISKCON Deity Worship Minister, and many others including Bhanu Swami, Adi Purusha Prabhu, Ananda Tirtha Prabhu, Jayananda Prabhu, Kurma Caitanya Prabhu, and Radha Sundari Mataji.

Registration has already begun and space is limited. More information and online applications are available on our website at

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