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Final Results From The Radhastami MSF 2012

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 / Published in Reports / 1,866 views

By Rasika-sekhara dasa

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

The Monthly Sankirtana Festival (MSF) of Improving Devotional Skills, which took off soon after Janmastami and was officially conducted during the first two weeks of September, was concluded today on Radhastami and the final results offered on this auspicious day to Srila Prabhupada and their Lordships at the ISV temple in San Jose.


The Team ISV goals of this MSF were:

1. To participate in at least one public event and

2. To conduct a workshop to improve devotional skills

We are pleased to report that these goals have been met.


· To facilitate improvement of devotional skills, a special workshop was held during the Wednesday night Gita class, conducted by HG Satyadeva Prabhu, that focused on the Self, the process of thinking and awareness, how to control the mind and be in the present moment and how to improve one’s Japa with effortless chanting. It was well received and had a positive impact on those who attended.

· In keeping with the second goal, ISV devotees participated in two public events one in Fremont during an Indian Independence day festival and another in Mountain View at an Art & Wine festival. Both were organized by HG Govinda Charan Prabhu who arranged and sponsored booths, which facilitated devotees to preach, to make new contacts, to distribute books, meditation kits and other paraphernalia. Both festivals were enthusiastically attended and they drew lots of visitors and were highly successful.

· In addition, Team ISV held an ecstatic Hari Nama Sankirtana performance in Palo Alto on September 14, participating in singing and dancing, broadcasting the holy name and distributing books and prasadam. During the same weekend, devotees also went out to distribute books at different spots in the South Bay. Foreign language books were presented to Philadelphia devotees by HG Vaisesika Prabhu for door-to-door distribution. Bhagavad Gitas were delivered to motels by MotelGita team members and small books were distributed through the Smart box placed in stores and establishments by the Smart-box team. Also, several hundred book packs prepared during Janmastami were given out to visitors at ISV.

Summary of Scores

In this book distribution effort:

Many, many devotees participated
In all, 4,753 books were distributed and
$5,710 Laxmi points were collected

We are grateful to all participating devotees, to the Sankirtana leaders for their planning, and to the organizers and sponsors for their contributions.

Sri Radhastami MSF of Improving Devotional Skills ki Jaya!

Yours in service,

Rasika-sekhara dasa

(Raxit Jariwalla)

One Response to “Final Results From The Radhastami MSF 2012”

  1. Also significant was the 50+ tiles that were pledged on Radhasthami for our “New Temple Renovation” fundraising project, the Million-Dollar Tile Wall to be designed by Dhrti and Ramdas and erected in the patio-entrance area of the new building at 1965 Latham Street, Mountain View, CA.

    Please see my updated comments to Damodar Vamshidhari’s article about that here:

    The fundraising is going well, and if we can distribute all 500 tiles (we have pledges for over 130 since Janmasthami) we should be able to not only do a first-class renovation but pay off almost all the mortgage.

    Meanwhile, Devakinandana Prabhu came and discussed with us long-term fundraising, including assembling a committee of 11-21 wealthy and well-connected outside advisers to help guide and assist us in getting our message out and to protect us in times of adversity.

    Vaisesika Prabhu has grand vision for how to increase Sankirtan throughout Northern California, and meanwhile has very practical common sense about organic expansion and keeping purity and proper hearing and chanting and book distribution as our prime goal and duty and means of success.

    With such a nice, regular Monthly Sankirtan Festival program in place and gradual improvements in the areas of japa, deity worship, study of Srila Prabhupada’s books, building good devotee relations with each other and influential members of the outside community, the stage is set for moving into the new temple and starting a grand new phase in ISV history.

    My wife Jagarini is headed down to the planning department to meet with the architect and the zoning authorities right now. Hopefully, our permits will be approved shortly and construction can begin within a week or so.

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