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FOOD YOGA book and DVD for sale

Tuesday, 09 October 2012 / Published in Ads / 2,265 views

Priyavrata das: MEDIA RELEASE for Vaisnava community October 9, 2012

New Book by Global Director of Food For Life

FOOD YOGA – Nourishing the Soul (340 pages) is a completely new approach to holistic living. It is the art and science of connecting with food so that one nourishes body, mind and soul.

Food for Life director, Australian born Priyavrata das shares his personal experiences as a young monk and student of India’s Vedic culture of hospitality, while also drawing from numerous scientific and religious sources to provide a believable framework to elevate the act of eating from the shackles of the mundane to the liberating embrace of the transcendental.

Food Yoga introduces the reader to the ancient and divine path of prasadarianism in a non-sectarian manner.

“I consider this Food for Life 2.0,” says Priyavrata. “The more people adopt this concept of food yoga, the healthier and happier the world will be. Devotees will also gain a lot from this book, as their is a lot of practical knowledge on health and nutrition, as well as some great information and strategies on how to share spiritual knowledge through hospitality.”

“Since the beginning of my involvement in Food for Life, I was always wondering how we [ISKCON] could practically fulfill Prabhupada’s desire that everyone get a chance to take prasadam. I mean, there are only so many devotees in ISKCON, and only so much money. Then I realized that we need to share the knowledge of this beautiful food culture and empower people to become prasadarians. Prasadam is not the sole property of ISKCON. Everyone and anyone can offer food to God. All they need is guidance. My hope is that FOOD YOGA does this,” he explains.

The book covers a variety of subjects including the sacred geometry of food, sacred foods, principle of healthy living, along with principle beliefs from the ancient Vedic culture of hospitality, foremost being foods power to unite the world and create peace.

You can purchase a copy from

eBook: $9.95 Softcover: $29.95 DVD (4 hours including a 2 hour raw vegan gourmet demonstration): $40 Wholesale: Contact:

ABOUT AUTHOR Priyavrata das is the current Director of Food for Life Global. He was initiated into the Vaisnava Bhakti yoga tradition in 1983 and lived as a celibate monk for 14 years. He is an accomplished Indian gourmet chef, raw vegan gourmet chef, Numerologist, and Yantrologist
(talisman) designer. During his volunteer work for Food for Life, Priyavrata has visited over 54 countries, conducting training seminars in 35 countries and regions of the world, as well as coordinating numerous disaster relief projects, including the Asian tsunami of 2004, Katrina hurricane in 2005, Haiti earthquake in 2010 and the Japan Tsunami in 2011.

Book: Food for Life Global: Become a fan of FOOD YOGA on

2 Responses to “FOOD YOGA book and DVD for sale”

  1. Ashwani Kumar says :

    What is the use of this book ?

    Will it help people to know Krishna , if yes then how ?

    Atleast you should have used name of Krishna ,

    This concept of yoga and food is used by Maayavadi’s not Krishna concious people .

    And i think ISKCON was not established by Srila Prabhupada to display Yoga , or Maayavad .

  2. scooty.ram says :

    I went through . the books seems to have a holistic apporach to food and it does have chapters for offering the food. It does seem to talk about spirituality.I hope the method of offering is bonafied and true to the teaching of Srila Prabhupada.I am not sure if that section is also non-secular.In short this seems to be a big area for preaching that one can leverage.

    If my direct preaching of speaking about Krishna to a person wont work in making him/her a devotee , how would the food prepared by me work ? The consciousness of the cook and the food prepared go together. If we say the food prepared is tasted by krishna and has better potency than myself , the same rule applies to preaching as well. It is krishna who is transforming the heart . He makes one speak in such a way that it reaches the heart of the listener and transforms him/her.

    Also Krishna accepts food from a devotee with devotion. Only the devotee, who accepts Kṛṣṇa as He describes Himself, WITHOUT INTERPRETATION, can understand that the Supreme Absolute Truth can eat food and enjoy it.

    Hence in my humble opinion, the effort should be in making oneself more stronger in krishna consciousness than diluting/interpreting the preaching methods.
    If we expand the activities of eating , clothing , housing etc under the ban of KC, we are only devising methods to get ourselves rid of the guilt of being materialistic.We eventually will end up treating Krishna as a “sin-remover’ machine and use it to our personal motive.

    One obviously will have large number of people to eat a free food than sit and listen to Hari Katha. However the success is measured not by the number in the prasadam hall but by the number present in hari katha. If there is no room for hari katha , then we have lost the purpose.

    Lets be innovative in preparing foods for Krishna but not show innovation in the way we offer , to whom we offer and the reason we offer. They are already present in Srila Prabhupada’s books.We just have to say it aloud to the people we meet. If we hide them then we have not yet developed the potency of ‘Krishna’s name’ and we rely more on our own intellectual adjustment and interpretation.

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