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Sri Sri Krsna Balaram are calling you! Pujaris needed!

Thursday, 25 October 2012 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 1,885 views

Devakinandan Das: Come and join us in serving Srila Prabhupads mission by serving in beautiful Botswana. Iskcon Botswana are looking for 2 pujaris to come and join this exciting project.

We require two young pujaris to come and help serve their Lordships in the new home and temple! After the successful temple opening which took place on Radhastami this year, we need assistance within the pujari department for our new thriving temple. This would be an ideal opportunity for a young Grhastha Brahmin initiated couple. Accommodation, wage and work permits will be provided. The peaceful atmosphere and all year round perfect weather would be a perfect place for a young couple to serve and live. Brahmacharis can also apply and add to our existing ashram.

The temple has a number of upcoming projects and opportunities which the candidates could also get involved in.

The candidates would be required to dress, cook, perform aratis, waking and putting the deities to rest. The overall key requirement is a strong service attitude to add to existing dynamics of the temple.

Please contact Devakinandan Das on for future information.

Your servants, in the service of Krsna Balaram.

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  1. Gadadharadas1 says :

    Dandavat Prabhu, I am interested in serving the Lordship,am a resident of India.your humble servant,hare krsna,Gadadhara das

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