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Brazil invites the world to 72 hours of kirtan

Monday, 29 October 2012 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 1,874 views

Sri Krishna Murti das: “If you really want to enjoy kirtan, please, come to Brazil. Here is the heart of the kirtan. I have been to many places to sing throughout the world. But nothing can be compared to Brazil”. In this way Ajamil das, who was born in Mayapur and who is one of the greatest kirtanyas of the world, discribed his experience in the unforgettable 48 hours Kirtan in New Gokula 2011. If that was the greatest kirtan in the history of Latin America, what to say of the next 72 hours Kirtan, named Maha Harinam Festival, that will take place between November 15th and 18th, again in Nova Gokula?

With a promise to increase even more the crescent kirtan mania of the Brazilians, the Maha Harinam Festival is the most expected event by the vaisnavas of the country since the end of the 48 hours Kirtan. Throughout the year, the devotees have been getting more and more anxious waiting for the moment when they will only chant the maha-mantra, welcoming vaishnavas from all over the world. This year, adding to the local kirtanyas and gurus, like HH Dhanvantari Swami, HH Purusatraya Swami, HH Gunagrahi Swami and HH Chandramukha Swami, the festival will also have the presence of distinguished kirtanyas, like Deva Dharma das (Mayapur), Visvambhar prabhu and Vrinda mataji (Alachua), Kalindi and Kapil (Dallas), Nadiya Mani devi dasi (London), Amala Kirtana das (Brazil/Dallas), Ajamil das (Mayapur/Toronto), Amala Harinam das (Vrindavana), Deva Darshan das (London) and others.

“We had the 48 hours Kirtan for the first time in the American continent and that was one of the greatest experiences in my life. And, as usual, Brazil is going beyond, thinking of more kirtans. The Brazilians love kirtan and they always give all of themselves in that. The heart and the energy inspire a lot all who come here. We always bring people to inspire the Brazilian devotees but those people end up getting inspired themselves”, Amala Kirtana das comments, always present in the already traditional long duration kirtans, which are getting better and better.

According to Amala Harinam das, who was also present in the 48 hours Kirtan, people must “come and feel the energy of the Brazilian kirtans with the ‘latin fire’. “I’ve never been to a place where each and every devotee takes part of it with so much enthusiasm, singing wholeheartedly and responding in the highest volume I’ve ever heard.” Nova Gokula, the largest rural ISKCON community in Latin America, a traditional place for big festivals, is getting ready for this celebration with a lot of dedication. Recently, in a program named Long Life Nova Gokula, a restoration work of Sri-Sri Radha-Gokulananda’s temple, which also houses the beautiful deities of Sri-Sri Sita-Rama, Sri Laksmana and Sri Hanumanji, and Sri-Sri Goura-Nitai, and a restoration work of the Puspa Samadhi of Srila Prabhupada have started and they are still happening.

After more than 10 years without going through any repairs, the spaces are in need of great work. The conclusion of all the renovations, with a budget of 120 thousand reais (about 60 thousand dollars) is expected in April 2003. The funds are being raised in the internet through the blog The community has got only one third of the total cost so far, which means around 40 thousand reais (or 20 thousand dollars). The temple needs hydraulic, electric, structural and painting repairs.

The huge festival with 72 hours of continuous chanting of the Maha Mantra Hare Krishna, besides certainly satisfy Srila Prabhupada, will also be a great help to Nova Gokula, ISKCON’s priceless heritage. The Maha Harinam Kirtan Festival is promoted by Kirtan Brazil, organized by Vaikuntha Murti Prabhu, the brazilian ISKCON Youth Secretary, kindly called by local young devotees as “father”, in recognition of his tireless work by the appreciation of the brazilian vaishnava youth . The event starts at 12pm on 15th November with the Mayapur TV broadcast daily, from 16h to 22h, local time.

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