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Save Yamuna: A very good news

Sunday, 11 November 2012 / Published in News / 2,101 views

By Brajraj Sharan

Radhe Radhe

The Lord showers Grace in three ways. One of them is by wishing well for his devotee from his heart. Hence, he creates various instruments of help for his devotees or accomplishes tasks for them even before they make any attempts.

The strongest stand taken by Save Yamuna Campaign by now has been vindicated. It was always claimed that this campaign is a divine cause and opportunity to serve the Lord and today it has been amply proved.

The Supreme Court on 9th November has clearly stated that River Yamuna in New Delhi is nothing more than a sewage drain and that the River actually ceases to exist beyond Wazirabad Barrage in New Delhi. It has now granted three weeks time for experts to come up with a plan to close all the drains falling into the river in Delhi.

It is noteworthy that this Case in Supreme Court has been running since 1994 and never ever did these fact surface. Suddenly, the Supreme Court after 28 years woke up to this reality and now is taking the actual issue by its horns.

It gave three more weeks to the expert body to present its final report relating to closure of drains which discharged untreated waste water into the river. It also asked the expert body to suggest remedial measures to make Yamuna clean.

This is great news and very close to what the campaign had been demanding all along.

All of this would not have been possible had the campaign not been run on a spiritual platform and had run on dry materialistic fundamentals. It is the heartfelt involvement of Devotees that Krishna has blessed the campaign and worked this wonderful change of mind of the Supreme Court.

It is now important that the campaign is able to push the idea of a parallel canal to the experts involved so that the various vicious drains that empty into our beloved river can be diverted away.

Sewa begets Sewa.

Let us thank Krishna for this wonderful blessing and ask him to grant us more service in times to come so that we are able to bring back Vraj Vrindavan as RadhaRani-Krishna love it.

Written by Shri Ravi Monga Ji: A key person of Save Yamuna Campaign

Radhe radhe
Brajraj Sharan

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