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Not Dead and Gone

Saturday, 17 November 2012 / Published in Poetry / 1,250 views

Samapriya dasi: During a lecture in Atlanta in1975 Srila Prabhupada said of his spiritual master “One should not think that he is dead and gone. There are two things, vapo and vani. Vapo changes but vani is eternal.”

If I thought you were dead and gone,
How could I live or carry on?
Whatever you say is my golden rule,
What do I care for any other tool?

Somewhere you’re walking and giving your grace
To another helpless mercy case.
Clearing the path to the long way home,
Chant Hare Krsna, divine eternal poem.

How could I live through another day
Without your vani preparing the way?
Your words are the touch bringing light to us all,
Oh protector of the fallen, I heed to your call.

My gurudeva is not gone and dead
He lives in his words and whatever he said
Keeps me on course,
because he knows the source
Of all this creation
It’s his meditation
How to save us now
From self- annihilation.

My gurudeva is living with me,
He’s in my heart and shows me how to see.
He’s in my mind and tells me how to think,
If I pay attention, then I won’t sink,
Into the holes of mental misconception,
Driven by pride, illusion and deception.

My gurudeva is eternally alive
I’m following his footsteps to the Transcendental Five.
Chant the Holy Name is what They say to do
Finish your business here, and when your through,
Your soul will be satisfied,
Your happiness multiplied,
Your ecstasy intensified,
By the one who has been glorified.

My gurudeva is not dead and gone
His story, will continue on
Because he’s from a different plain
Where there is not loss, but only gain.
He knows the truth, I follow him
And I’m not shaking on a feeble limb.
But walking firm in his eternal step
Where there’s no grief or karmic debt.

My gurudeva is by my side
It’s up to me to keep in stride.
Take up what he’s given me
There’s nothing else will set me free.
And if I think my guru’s left,
Then hopeless, I remain bereft.

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