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Even “J.R.” (Larry Hagman) Was Attracted To Krishna

Sunday, 25 November 2012 / Published in Ads / 1,497 views

Bhushaya dasa (ACBSP): This article is submitted due to the recent passing of the actor, Larry Hagman.

Although he played the ruthless and evil “J.R.” on the popular television show, Dallas, Larry Hagman was appreciative of the Hare Krishna movement. In 1996 , as New Orleans temple president, I had the chance to meet and talk with him in New Orleans, as the actor was on site filming another show next to our ISKCON property. Days before I noticed the city had posted no parking notices on all the streets around the temple.

Soon a big sound truck and other production people arrived at a home directly behind the temple. The owner was friendly to us, and told me that Larry Hagman was doing a film shoot, and invited us over to watch the shoot inside his home. I immediately went to the temple to get a picture of Sri Radha Radha Kanta, a fancy silver tray of flowers, fruits, and Maha milk sweets. Upon meeting Mr. Hagman he graciously accepted the garland around his neck and sampled the prasadam that was offered to him. I remember him repeatedly saying how beautiful our Deities and the garland were.

I thinked we talked for 5 or 10 minutes about the Hare Krishna movement, as he said he would like very much to visit the temple here in New Orleans. He never got around to visiting our temple in New Orleans, although that day Lord Krishna’s mercy visited him in the form of prasadam.

Bhushaya dasa (ACBSP)

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