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Jayadev’s videos

Monday, 03 December 2012 / Published in Ads / 1,257 views

Bhaktin Fidelma: Jayadev prabhu has written a series of songs protesting about the various environmental issues threatening Bhumi Mata. These include the poisoning of Ganga Devi and her sister rivers Kalindi and Jamuna, Mother cow, issues with the oil and mineral mining companies etc.etc. The solution to which is of course the chanting of the Holy names.

I have put his songs to video as best as I could, the titles and links are below.

Your servant in Krsna


Ganga Devi                         

Mother Cow                        
No Mercy                            
Sign On The Dotted Line    
Rainbow’s End                     
Kalindi Jamuna               
Antidote to Doomsday          

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