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The Guru Man

Monday, 10 December 2012 / Published in Poetry / 1,436 views

Bhakta Steven L. Schwartz: His name is known throughout ISKCON
He truly is one of a kind
The Guru of all Guru’s
Guru Das is Bhaktivedanta’s greatest find

Guru’d out, NO WAY!!
His Krishna love don’t take no holiday
He’s having too much fun
Like Paul McCartney, His band is still on the run

On the anniversary of George’s passing
My love for George is surpassing
George said, never give up, never stop trying
Guru Das keeps Hari’s guitar gently smiling

His beginnings are endless
Any road takes him there
Guru Das is not friendless
He’s loved by devotees everywhere

You can call him Roger
A San Francisco fan not fond of the Dodgers
Been around the block, a stodgy veteran codger
Krishna provides shelter for the seventy year old lodger

Spreading Prabhupada’s message, he’s serving
Guru-ing around the world, he’s unnerving
A beloved Krishna devotee tried and true, deserving
A.C. Bhaktivedanta’s dream, he’s preserving

Traversing the globe, Guru Das finds souls desiring a spiritual change
Lord Krishna is by his side, always in range
George strums the ukulele as The Guru Man plays the fiddle
In the law firm of Bhaktivedanta, Guru Das and Krishna, he’s the man in the middle

He’s learned from Prabhupada’s example
How to lead and be independent on his own accord
A dear friend of George Harrison
Guru Das loves to hear, “My Sweet Lord”

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