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Iskcon Chowpatty – Radhanath Swami Inspires Sankirtan Bus Party Members

Saturday, 22 December 2012 / Published in Ads / 2,062 views

Baladev Das: A day before his Vyasa puja, H.H Radhanath Swami met all Sankirtan bus party devotees and inspired them with his association. He said to all of us present that at 3 different ocassions Srila Prabhupad had humbly said that he wished to take dust of those – 1) Who preached in Islamic countries, 2) Western devotees who stay in india and preach, 3) Devotees who go out for Book distribution.

He then informed us that as Indians, we all had only 2 choices of above three -i.e. either to go to middle east islamic countries or to do book distribution. “Which one you want ?”- He asked. Many of us decided for full scale book distribution. He then said that, “We don’t wish to give Srila Prabhupada our dust, rather, from this we all can know that how much book distribution was pleasing to Prabhupada”.

Towards the end of this meeting, H.H.Radhanath maharaj asked all the devotees present – “WHAT IS THE TARGET FOR THIS YEAR” ….. We all replied – “We will put efforts just like last year- around 1 lakh Maha big books.”
At this H.H Radhanath maharaj, a bit not happy, said ” WE SHOULD DO MORE”.
And we all conjointly said ” Yes,Maharaj”.

Later on the weekend, an Entire Sunday feast class was dedicated for Book distribution Marathon. H.G Shyamanand das & Baladev das presented a seminar on – “THE 7 HABITS OF A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE BOOK DISTRIBUTOR” – a seminar which is based on a class by H.G Vaisesika Prabhu. Included within the presentation were Skits and Video.

We are dedicating this years marathon at Chowpatty in loving memory of H.G Madhupriya Mataji whom we recently lost in the Nepal air crash. She was one of our most enthusiastic book distributor for 2 decades. We will all miss her.

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