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An ode to Kali Yuga on the special occasion of the “New Year” 2013

Thursday, 03 January 2013 / Published in Poetry / 1,674 views

Govardhana Giri Dasa: Hey Kali, be happy,

A number changes,

In a calendar,

Seconds tick away,

In a clock,

People drink,

Loose control.

People dance,

Loose control.

Whatever you do,

MUST loose control !

Hey Kali, be happy !

Loose control, is what you want !

Everyone says,

Happy New Year !

Everyone knows,

There is nothing new,

Everyone knows,

There is no happy thing,


Everyone says,

Happy New Year !

Keep the illusion going folks !

Keep the show going, as they say !

Hey Kali, be happy,

Illusion, of course, is what you want !

Days gone by,

Girls molested,

By senseless men

Girls sold,

By senseless mothers,

Girls killed,

By parents while still in the womb,

Sthree is Matha,

Sthree is Devi,

Sthree is Lakshmi,

Sarasvati, et al

Alas, no one cares !

Demon-crazy Srila Prabhupad said,

Democracy, all glories to you !

Blind men choosing,

Blind man leading,

Of course, where else,

But to “happiness”

Hey, Kali, be happy !

You are indeed ruling the roost !

Is there hope ?

You may ask.

May I dare say,

Yes there is !

People will drink

People will dance

Drink harinam !

Dance in kirtana !

Hey Kali, better beware !

Gauranga’s army

Is on its way !

Led by His General

Srila Prabhupad !

Hey Kali, better beware !

Run for your life !

Before its late !

-Compiled by a beggar named Govardhana Giri Dasa

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