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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

ISKCON Convention Radhadesh 2006

Wednesday, 14 June 2006 / Published in General / 3,968 views

Dear Prabhus,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Just a reminder that the ISKCON European Convention in Radhadesh will be taking place soon. Details of seminars are given below.

We are looking forward to seeing you here at Radhadesh and having your association.

Your servants,

Shaunaka Rishi Das, Braja Bihari Das and Hrdaya Caitanya Das


For registration for the seminars & travel inquiries please contact:

Rasa Parayana Das Tel./fax: +32 (0)86 38-71-31

Please register as soon as possible!

The poster is on the internet at:



1) Bhakti Caitanya Swami “Lessons from the Pastimes of Lord Caitanya” – an analysis of different lilas of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu and the practical lessons we can learn from them and apply in our daily lives in Krishna consciousness.

2) Prahladananda Swami “A dark well or eternal lila?” – The laws of material nature are eternal; their effects are not changed by any new ideas. This course deals with modern society and ISKCON, examining the direction both can go in to make our lives happy and successful.

3) Kurma Das “Cooking with Kurma” – A hands-on tour of the world of Vedic vegetarian cuisine with Australia’s favorite cooking guru Kurma Das. Learn the art of preparing fresh cheese, spice masalas and pastes, breads, pickles, chutneys, vegetable dishes, sweets; hear about the history, botany and science of Vedic food preparation, and Ayurvedic health. Lots of take-home recipes, non-stop cooking and sumptuous feasting.

4) Hari-sauri Das “Srila Prabhupada the living Bhagavatam” – Discover how Srila Prabhupada lived the life of a devotee. Arranged by theme – prasadam, chanting, cleanliness, health etc.- Hari-sauri presents an intimate look at how Srila Prabhupada applied the philosophy and practices of Krsna Consciousness in day-to-day situations on each topic.

5) Kadamba Kanana Swami “Living with Vows”

6) Laxsmimoni Devi Dasi “The myth of western civilisation” – As we interface with modern society we are accused of avoiding reality, accepting the mythology of Vedic literature. We are asked to accept the “scientific truth” propounded in the West, the description of “progress and advancement of civilization” and finally we are encouraged to quest for “true happiness.” Which happiness, progress, and truth are real? Comparing what Western civilized culture calls the mythology of the Bhagavatam against the myths of Western culture.

7) Urmila “Finding Satisfaction in Educational Service: What teachers in Krishna’s schools can tell us about Culture, religion, and motivation” How do those in devotional, educational projects find satisfaction in their service? How do culture, religion, and spirituality influence motivation? How can we nourish and improve our schools? Participants in these workshops learn of the results and implications of a new, ground-breaking study of all teachers in Hare Krishna primary and secondary schools all over the world.

8) Braja Bihari: “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” What are the causes of conflict in ISKCON (and religious organizations in general)? What are the various ways to deal with conflict in a healthy way? Towards developing a justice system in ISKCON. What is the Vaisnava approach to helping people dealing with trauma? Making ISKCON a conflict friendly organization.

9) Atmananda Das “Atma yoga: decrease stress, develop confidence, and build Prabhupada’s community” Join Atmananda Das in reclaiming the rich cultural tradition of mystic yoga and dovetailing it to serve Srila Prabhupada’s mission. Come learn how Atma yoga is reversing this trend and developing stress free, confident preachers.

10) Education: “From the Cradle to the Pyre” – An analysis and discussion of ISKCON’s educational systems. In this seminar we will discuss the importance of developing a complete educational system within ISKCON in order to successfully fulfil Srila Prabhupada’s mission. We will reflect on the educational developments to date. Finally we will attempt to identify practical steps that can be taken in order to fulfil these needs.
(Speakers: Laxmimoni Devi Dasi, Urmila Devi Dasi, Yadunandana Das, Braja Bihari Das, Saunaka Rsi Das)


Special evening kirtanas!


Creche available during class-times for children age 3-12 on request



1) Seminars + accommodation

When you attend the seminars the price is:

130 Euros for dormitory with common bathroom (regular temple facilities)
180 Euros for rooms of 4-5 persons with attached bathroom (guesthouse facility)

Rooms for 1, 2, or 3 persons is possible when paying a supplement. Please mention this to Rasa Parayana Das when you are booking your accommodation.

*There is no third world fee*

2) For caravans or tents

When you attend the seminars and you bring your own caravan or tent:

Children under 5 years: free Children 5-12 years: 6,5 Euros (per day) Children 12+ years: 13 Euros (per day) Adults: 115 Euros

(For adults not participating in the seminars: 13 Euros per day)

3) Accommodation (no seminars)

For devotees who stay in Radhadesh, but who are not participating in the courses, the fees are:

1) Regular temple facilities:

Children under 5 years (who don’t need mattress): free Children under 5 years (who need mattress): 8 Euros (per day) Children 5-12 years: 12 Euros (per day) Children 12+ years: 15 Euros (per day) Adults: 15 Euros (per day)

2) Guesthouse facilities:

Children under 5 years (who don’t need mattress): free Children under 5 years (who need mattress): 12 Euros (per day) Children 5-12 years: 16 Euros (per day) Children 12+ years: 19 Euros (per day) Adults: 19 Euros (per day)



When you are in Belgium, how to arrive to Radhadesh?

1) By Train

From Brussels or Luxembourg: From Brussels there is a train every hour to Arlon-Luxembourg. This train stops in Marloie, which is the station to get off. The price for the train from Brussels to Marloie is about 12.5 Euros. From Luxembourg you can take the same train direction Brussels and get off in Marloie. From Marloie you can phone to 086 32-29-26 and a devotee will pick you up from the train station (10 Euros for car).

From Liege: From Liege there is a train to Barvaux every 2 hours (direction Jemelle). The price for the train from Liege to Barvaux is about 5 €. From Barvaux you can phone 086 32-29-26 to pick you up by car (5 Euros for car).

By Car

We have a temple car with 8 passenger places. The prices given are for one trip. The cost is divided amongst the number of passengers. A devotee can pick you up from:

Brussels Central Airport – 60 Euros Charleroi Airport – 50 Euros Luxembourg Airport- 60 Euros Liege – 25 Euros Marloie – 10 Euros Barvaux – 5 Euros

For travel please confirm by fax +32 (0)86 38-71-31 or e-mail to when you want to be picked up and where you will be arriving.


Please remember that there are 2 airports near Brussels. One is called ‘Brussels Airport, Zaventem’ and is very close to the city centre. The other is called ‘Brussels south, Charleroi’. This airport is much further away from Brussels. When you give us details of where you want to be picked up from PLEASE check which airport you are going to. This is to avoid any confusion and long waits, which can occur if we get incorrect information.

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