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Executive Secretariat Reporting and Accounting

Sunday, 09 June 2013 / Published in Editorial, GBC / 1,745 views

From the Governing Body Commission of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness

(Editor’s note: This the 312 of the 2013 GBC resolutions. You can find the Minutes Of The 2013 Annual General Meeting in our archives section or directly here)

Whereas the Executive Secretariat has been established recently and a clear line of reporting is needed:


That the Executive Secretariat (ES) receives its mandate from the Governing Body Commission (GBC); the Secretariat reports and is accountable to the GBC. Throughout the year the ES works with the GBC Executive Committee (EC) in its role as representative of the GBC, to ensure and assist the ES to perform as mandated.

In the unlikely circumstances of crisis or a ‘state of emergency’, the EC may delegate or re-prioritize the service responsibilities of the ES, which shall be discussed by the full GBC at its next meeting.

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