Does God Exist

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Does God Exist-1 by Dandavats

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1 Pandu das

Hare Krishna. I would expect atheists to disagree with the proof given here, based on the “anthropic principle,” the notion that our ability to inquire about the universe implies a universe that would allow us to exist.

However the anthropic principle raises questions of probabilities, where we can ask the abstract question of what possible universes could exist if our ability to observe it were not a given. Scientists have calculated possible ranges for the forces of the universe, for example if gravity were to weak or too strong, our bodies could not have formed.

Of all the variables, the cosmological constant is such an incredibly tiny number with such a small functional range that the anthropic principle requires a multiverse of virtually unlimited other universes in order to have enough chances to randomly produce a universe capable of supporting conceivable life.

Of course, Vedic texts indicate a multiverse, but materialist scientists cannot show any other universe, so they can’t support their theory that life doesn’t need God to exist.

Comment posted by Pandu das on June 17th, 2013
2 pustakrishna

Srila Prabhupad promoted that one try to understand the higher Truth without dogma or blind faith. To the extent possible, he encouraged us to use our intellect, given to us by Krishna (mattah smritir jnanam apo hanam ca). One’s eagerness to delve deeper into the Truth is the highest function of human intellect. But…there is a very important secret to all of this. Tesam evanukampartham…Krishna is within our hearts, and He is observing and permitting things to be known or revealed.
In essence, we hear about Krishna, or we hear from Krishna (Bhag. Gita), and that by itself is not sufficient to become enlightened. The Supreme Lord is observing and allowing us to gain experiential knowledge. His mercy is essential to gaining genuine understanding or not. Krishna has thus exclaimed…ye yatha mam prapadyante…as they surrender unto Me, I reward them accordingly. The principles of success are clear! One approaches a qualified spiritual master and enquires submissively, and offers service as well. The genuine spiritual teacher is qualified by having himself seen the Truth. Offering of service is vital. It is a commitment to deepen the connection with God and His servitors. Reciprocation invites mercy. The resistence to mercy is lowered and it can flow more freely to save the conditioned soul.
So, how will the materialistic minds understand? They will not. If one remains inimical to the Personality of Godhead, they will remain in the darkness of confusion with matter. It is very rare for one to surrender to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Even among seekers of Truth, one may still remain unfortuate. The mercy of Krishna is the essential element both to gain the association of saintly persons, and to understand the Truth when it is presented. These confidential truths are explained by Krishna to Arjuna, and through Srila Prabhupad to us. Srila Prabhupad is trying to bring good fortune to everyone. Krishna is real, and we must appeal to His mercy. The Mahamantra is exactly that, an appeal for the mercy and divine service of the Supreme Lord.
Pusta Krishna das

Comment posted by pustakrishna on June 22nd, 2013

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