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Ex Iskcon president, founder of national Krishna Radio in Italy and famous musician departs

Wednesday, 19 June 2013 / Published in Obituary / 3,920 views

(Note: this bio is an automatic translation from a italian national newspaper) MILAN – Claudio Rocchi, protagonist and witness of polished Italian rock is gone. He was 62 years old and has long suffered from a degenerative disease, who had announced himself with extraordinary serenity, through its Facebook page. “After several investigations across the board, the clinical picture is fixed,” he wrote on May 25th. “Pathology that engages the non-reversible loss of use of the lower limbs on the degenerative bone disease. They are ultra fragile, and I have to stay in bed practically avoiding movements of any kind that may, in the case of an invasion of the bone marrow highest D11 today, affect the use of the upper limbs. Not bad, is it, to test the spirits? Know that keeps the mood, consciousness and the book is well started this morning … “. He was referring to his autobiography “The seventh life.”

Claudio Rocchi, from Milan, had participated in the first, unforgettable season of Italian rock, first as bassist Stormy Six, then as a solo original and stubborn, through quality discs and intense, meticulous live activity. In 1970 he published his first album under his own name, “Journey”, entirely acoustic, immediately accepted by acclaim. But it was the next to win a place of great significance: it was entitled “Magic Flight 1″, released in 1971, and is still considered a must in the Italian record of the seventies, zigzagging between psychedelia and spirituality zen.

Protagonist of many gatherings youth of that era (the so-called festival of the young proletariat), Rocchi always had a great thirst for knowledge. Thirst that led him also to live the monastic experience Hindu: joined the International Association for Krishna Consciousness, he worked with Paolo Tofani of conducese Area and radio programs Vaishnava, founding and directing the national network RKC (Radio Krishna Centrale). Abandoned that experience in the early nineties, he returned artistic environment stronger, tougher and more aware.

He was also a radio host. Music fans will remember him popular “To you young”, “Pop Off”, “Radio Starship”, “ognidove”, “Daisies, history and dreams.” Rocchi also founded the first independent national radio Nepalese “The Himalayan Broadcasting Company”, which he ran for three years.
He was then director (his direction of “Pedra Mendalza,” which he wrote himself), actor (in “Musikanten” by Franco Battiato), poet (he published “The surprises do not like to announce: I am a rock group of girls, naked and play are beautiful, “and already the title is eloquent of the imagination that animated him), activist generous.

Farewell to Claudio Rocchi, rocker and poet He announced his “seventh life” on Facebook

After the publication of his latest album “Top”, fresh, fragrant and inspired as few Rocchi was particularly proud, in recent times, the collaboration with Gianni Maroccolo (ex Litfiba, CCCP, CSI) in the project “Nothing is lost” .

He had spoken well in the long post on Facebook in which he confessed his serenity of the unknown looming. “… I started to write” The seventh life, “my official autobiography. Groped intend to retrace the extraordinary experience made recently with Gianni Maroccolo on crowdfunding platform offering precisely this synthesis as a reward of my lives. A Book to be published by a major publisher and can, if you want to help fan the singular mind that I was saved before, directly sure when it will start the fundraising campaign. ”

He continued, “At the end of 2011, while I was in Milan for promoting my CD” On Top “done with the Cramps, I did an interview with a national newspaper headline that more or less” The five screw Claudio Rocchi. “It was “Free” or “Day” I do not remember. was telling of a life as a student, a second as an aspiring rock star, and a third as an aspiring Hindu saint, a fourth would-be “normal” between professional broadcast, media and real estate business. The fifth was where then came home to a number of blessed competitions between Love and Inspiration, a musician himself with desire for concerts and energy to get them. Then came the sixth. Severe degenerative bone disease I was actually terminally ill while continuing I in fact, between crutches and sticks, to pretend nothing and drive up the seas and highways to make my concerts.

Here we are finally at the seventh life. The vivo by 20gg or more and all happened in less than 12 hours. A vertebral collapse has led to an invasion of the spinal cord and in fact I lost the use of his legs. I heard back strong from inside uncontrollable laughter accompanied by the question: “But shit, it was not enough so? Pure paraplegic now?

“… Know that the good mood holds, the pure Consciousness and the book started this morning …”, he concluded.

The personality, courage, serenity, honesty, liveliness – as evidenced well as its official website that leaves us – and the wisdom of Claudio Rocchi will miss the Italian art scene. And not only in the artistic one.
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