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Feedback online tool

Sunday, 23 June 2013 / Published in Technical goodies / 1,913 views

By Citraka dasa

Do you want to have honest and sincere feedback about your self, your temple, your programs, your projects etc.?
There is this free online service that after a simple registration provides you with a webpage where people can write anonymously what they really think about you.
Every time a new feedback is received you get an email notification with a link to read the feedback and decide if you want to make it public, keep it private or delete it.
You can even reply to the sender in a private mode, while he remains always anonymous, if HE has chosen that option right under the feedback field.

You can add the url of your page wherever you want, on your blog, website, facebook wall, as a widget etc so that those who would like can go and write their opinion about you, your temple etc.

For example here is the page of Manohara prabhu (temple president of Radhadesh, Belgium) that made some of the feedback he received pubblic:

This online service is:

About is a free service which enables you to gather sincere and honest feedback from people you know or give feedback to others.

The feedback written stays anonymous, which helps people to be more open in their opinions. For example, you can use, if you don’t want to say something face to face because you are afraid of the other person’s reaction. On the other hand, however, is no less useful when providing positive feedback.

We would like to emphasise that the feedback does not need to be negative. It is very important that the feedback is honest and sincere.

Keeping the above in mind, you may write almost anything – what you like about the person or what you dislike; what type of characteristics he or she should develop further or what sort of character traits it would be better to suppress.

Honest feedback helps you find out how your own self-image differs from what other people see in you. If you’re lucky, you may just as well be confirmed that others think you are just the sort of person you strive to be.

To put it simply, is a web application that enables you to get input for your own self-development.

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