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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2013

Thursday, 27 June 2013 / Published in Poetry / 1,674 views

Saksi Gopal das: There were pagans and potheads
and Indian chiefs
There were druids and hippies
and mounted police

There were drinkers and smokers
and drummers galore
Who played on through the night
till their fingers were sore

There was dancing,while some stood
around on the grass.
Some huddled in blankets,
some shouted and laughed.

Some filmed the proceeding with
smart mobile phones.
As everyone gathered around
the great stones

That have witnessed the turning
on Salisbury Plain
Of season and century,
sunshine and rain

Witnessed chieftains and druids
and Celts offer thanks
Witnessed farmers and hippies
and soldiers in tanks

Have seen tourists and picnickers,
bikers in leather
And ancient oak avenues
pass into heather

Seen wars and invasions,
the triumph of thieves.
Have seen lovers and losers,
but who could believe

That the stones were now witness
to God’s holy name.
As the chanters in saffron
again and again

Sang their mantra and danced
to the cymbal and drum.
That the people here gathered
would eagerly come

To celebrate Krishna
Ram and Hare,
As they welcomed the sunrise,
On Midsummer’s Day!

Had they each felt their sanctity
somehow restored,
As each innocent celebrant
danced and adored

With a jubilant heart
and a gratified eye,
The rhythm and mantra
as old as the sky!

HARE KRISHNA they chant
HARE KRISHNA they pray,
with loud HARE HARE

HARE RAMA the song
HARE RAMA the hymn
drumbeat and ring

of the karatel cymbals,
percussion of old.
The mantra of angels
that nurtures the soul

>From the Lord’s Existence
below and above
Reuniting the spark with
the fire of love

Around and within us
if we could but see,
attuned to the river
within you and me

Some say we are energy,
spiritual light
a drop in the ocean
of endless delight

Being energy means we all
flow from the source.
And that means the
Original Person,of course

For the realm of transcendence
is where we belong.
Where each step is a dance
and each word is a song

So chant the vibration
as you greet the next sunrise
on Midsummer’s Day

Sanskrit - The Language of the gods
30th Anniversary of Gopal Nathji Installation New Vrindavan