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Krishna Village is Flourishing

Tuesday, 02 July 2013 / Published in News / 2,329 views

By Bhaktin Larissa

Madreya dasa shares an inspirational update on the burgeoning Krishna Village and WWOOFer program. “The WWOOFers and volunteers from the Krishna Village are involved with sometimes up to 10 different projects around New Govardhana,” says Madreya dasa. “These include construction and renovation, painting, cleaning, helping at the gurukula, fixing the roads, office work, artistry, computer service, promotional work, cow sevaand of course the garden.

“The garden is becoming increasingly productive. By Krishna’s grace, we’ll harvest twice as many vegetables this year as we did in 2012. Isaac and Narahari were instrumental in taking our garden systems to the next level, and our neighbour Matt Everest has been giving us valuable support,” he says.

“Bhanu Maharaja, Bir Krishna Goswami, Janananda Maharaja and Shanti Parayana dasa have given the Krishna Village their valuable association over the past two months. Our saint-in-residence, Mukunda Goswami, has been hosting a kirtana, japa and lecture program every Sunday with the WWOOFers for the past year. “We also host six kirtanas a week, and devotees are welcome to join us,” says Madreya.

“Harinamas are popular – so thank you to the harinama crews for all their wonderful service, and a special thank you to Isvara dasa and Chaitanya dasa, who are always so encouraging. “On 5 July, we are holding a bonfire kirtana night, with an expected 1,000 attendees. There’ll be a specialised children’s tent with many fun activities and ISKCON gurukula performances. Also appearing is the Kuli Catchup Crew and the Lore of Gravity show band. All devotees are welcome!”

WWOOFing at New Govardhana






Volunteering at the Krishna Farm

Join us at the Krishna Village – it’s been designed with you in mind: All year round we have a community of 40-50 beautiful people: WWOOFers, backpackers and spiritual seekers. Enjoy yoga and kirtan in the morning, bonfires in the evening and in between, days filled with music, creative expression, dance classes, sports and abundant spiritual opportunities. If you prefer smoothies over alcohol, fresh air over cigarettes and fresh fruit over meat, then the Krishna Village is for you!






Who can volunteer at the Krishna Farm ?


We are looking forward to meet you – whether you are a traveller, a WWOOFer or simply curious to learn more about Krishna consciousness. Anyone comfortable in a smoking-free, meat-free, alcohol-free environment, and happy working 5hrs/day is most welcome.


What is WWOOFing ?


WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) is an organization that links individuals who want to work in return for food and accommodation with organic farms. It enables travellers to see the country inexpensively and learn about organic farming. 

(Find out more:






Does my work count towards my 2nd year visa ?


Absolutely! Many of our WWOOFers stay for a few months to get the required hours for their 2nd year visa.


Where is the Krishna Farm ?


Situated ten kilometres outside Murwillumbah in the foothills of Mount Warning (North Coast NSW), the Krishna Farm is a 900 acre certified organic property with orchards, vege gardens, cows, horses, streams and swimming holes in abundance. Volunteers stay in comfortable, clean guest house rooms with shared bathroom facilities.





WWOOF host #: NW096
Bookings essential!


To make a booking, please complete our online application form


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