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Vaisanava Kripa: The sweet Nectar

Monday, 29 July 2013 / Published in Blog thoughts / 1,583 views

Radhikakrpa devi dasi: The advancement in spiritual life as we all know is fully dependant on the mercy of the Vaisanavas. Therefore it’s natural for an unqualified devotee like me to crave for their mercy. One has to have dire thirst for the kripa of pure devotees and never ever lose a chance to grab it.

I vividly remember the wonderful chance Krsna bestowed on me to clutch the lotus feet of a pure Vaisanava. I would take the liberty to say that I always had the fortune of being under the care and attention of very advanced devotees and disciples of Srila Prabhupada; the founder acarya of International Society for Krsna Consciousness. Among them I would love to name my Spiritual master HH Gopal Krsna Goswami Maharaja ji ,my most dear Shiksha (instructing) Guru HH Jaypataka Swami ji and blessed by HH Radhanath Maharaja ji, HH Bhakti Charu Maharaja ji ,HH Lokanth Maharaja ji and many more senior devotees. They all are very special in my life. Their association has always inspired me and motivated me in my devotional life.

On the demand from my friends and loved ones I am going to pen down a very interesting incident of my life which would always be my sweet memory.

On the night of 19 th September 2007 I got a call from HG Madhavakanta prabhu ( dedicated servant to HH Jaypataka Maharaja ji) who put me online to speak to Maharaja ji. Maharaja ji had come to know of the book ‘Vaisanava Teachings in Sikhism” that I had compiled and was put forward by my Guru Maharaja ji a few days back. HH Jaypataka Swami very kindly asked me that how many copies of the book I could give him. His humility surprised me. He could have just ordered me and I would have loved that too. But here he very affectionately like a doting father asked for the number of books I could part with. My reply was as many as he wanted and it was fixed that I would deliver them to the Delhi airport the very next day. HG Madhavakanta prabhu told me get our big car the Toyota as Maharaja ji was in transit and had to be dropped from the Delhi domestic airport to the Indira Gandhi International airport. I was too happy to get two services in one go. I was jubilant that we would get his association for sometime though. I cracked this news to my dear husband HG Rasapriya prabhu .

My joy was soon snubbed by him as he refused to accompany me to the airport . He had a service at the Sri Sri Radhikaraman Temple where Sri Sri Krishna Balrama deities were to be installed a day later. He had a prime role as he was overseeing the arrangements at the temple. I needed him the most as I was aware that sanayasis are reluctant to sit with a woman driver. If he did not drive me down I knew I would lose the service of dropping Maharaja ji. My husband encouraged me to go alone and asked me trying pleading with Maharaja ji.

Well I knew another grave problem I would face at the airport and that was ‘Parking’. There are three options at the airport for Parking. One general parking which needs lots of walking, another one is Premium parking which also needs a bit of walking and the third one is VIP parking which was very close to the disembarkment section of the airport. I strictly wanted the VIP parking for Maharaja so that he may not have to walk much and I personally felt that he deserved the ‘best’. But how to get the permission for this parking was a big question. I wanted my husband to work out some approach to get the VIP parking pass. But shortage of time restricted all the possibilities.

In a perplexed state of mind I drove the Qualis straight to the airport manager’s office. With coolness I parked it just infront of his office; got off the car and told the policemen standing there that I need to see the airport manager and I would be back very soon. Till today I haven’t understood why he never uttered a word. Krsna must have inspired him to do so. Very confidently I walked into the airport manager’s office and found his personal assistant seated with another colleague of his. On enquiry he told me that the manager was on round and would be back in 15 minutes. He asked me what I wanted .I told him my reason to be there but he bluntly replied that it was impossible to attain such a pass. I insisted on seeing the manager and had no option other than to wait for him. On the other hand I was getting impatient as the flight was about to land any moment. After chanting a round in his office I again walked down to the personal assistant as the manager was nowhere in sight. I very calmly went to him and started preaching him that it was a “golden chance for him to have darsan of a very pure soul” and as the flight had already landed it was a matter of few minutes only. I assured them that I just had to pick up the Swami ji and go away. I told them that it was a great fortune for them. At heart I knew all was true that I spoke. Krsna knew that I was doing all this for a great devotee of His.

Their hearts melted; they looked at each other; signed a piece of paper and handed over the VIP pass in my hands. I was in bliss. Full of joy I walked to the car and drove to the VIP parking with a big salute from the policemen on duty.

After parking the car I walked inside the airport and saw HH Jaypataka Maharaja ji walking majestically towards the few devotees waiting for him. The small crowd included a couple disciple of him who had specially brought a new car in his service. Now Maharaja ji’s secretary told me that I could take the luggage in my car and Maharaja would be requested to go in the new car that was parked in Premium parking.

I was but natural bit disappointed but again as usual left it to Krsna. Radharani knew I was trying hard for the service. Then I saw Maharaja ji walking towards me ; I paid him obeisance’s and he smiled at me. He enquired about my book and blessed me for compiling it. I took the opportunity and explained him that how I acquired the VIP parking pass and had parked the car for his service. He announced that there was a change of plan and he would be going to one of his disciples home in RK Puram where he would take prasadam and then leave for International airport in the evening. Now I was waiting for his decision on seating arrangements.

He gave me a “shock “when he announced that he would be sitting with me with few of his disciples also in my car while driving down to RK Puram. I was overjoyed. I could not believe my ears. I again confirmed with him; I said that I did not have a male driver and I was driving myself. He firmly confirmed that he was coming in my car. I walked with him to the car; made him comfortable in the passenger seat with all the others in the back seat. I sat in the driving seat, put on my seat belt and drove the car amidst a line of policemen with folded hands seeking blessings from Maharaja ji. It was great sight still captured afresh in my memories.

Once seated in the car Maharaja and I had very interesting conversation that I relish till today and may do so till my last breath. Maharaja ji took hold of a copy of my book and started discussing it. He wanted to know some quotes and know the meaning of some. As I just tried to look into the book while my hands on the steering wheel ; Maharaja ji in a bit loud voice said that I better not do so as I was his ‘sarthi’ that day. These words echo in my ears till today. His sense of humour is great; smilingly he asked me that “had I ever driven my Guru Maharaja ji like this” to which I replied “Only in my dreams.” He gave a big hearty laugh giving bliss to all seated in the car.

These golden moments of Vaisanava mercy are always dear to my heart and I sincerely pray to the Lord for letting me to be a part of ISKCON family.

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