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Art of Harnessing the Mind Power – a seminar by Iskcon Kolkata

Wednesday, 31 July 2013 / Published in Reports / 2,953 views

By Purushottam Kumar

A piece of paper may lie entire day in the sun without getting burned. But if we divert all the rays of the sun through a magnifying glass on a particular spot of the paper then the paper soon starts burning. This is the power of being focused. Our mind like the sun has tremendous potential but its energies are scattered like the rays of the sun and so it fails to ignite our life. It is verily said – our mind can be our best friend when controlled and can also be our fiercest enemy when it is uncontrolled. Many of us constantly get agitated by the unwarranted dictum of our mind. People mostly commit suicide not because of any physical pain but mainly because of mental agony.

Understanding the need of the hour, Iskcon has been endeavouring hard to bring positive and meaningful changes in thesociety. And to accomplish this several workshops and seminars are being conducted by Iskcon all over the world educating people to channelize the mind’s true potential and helping them to lead a healthy and happy life.

One of the senior sannyasis of Iskcon, Radhanath Swami, is being frequently invited by leading multinational companies like Google, HSBC Bank, Apple, Ford Motor Company, universities like Oxford, IIT, MIT, Stanford to speak on these important subject matters. Radhanath Swami was also invited to address the British Parliamentarians.

As part of this initiative Iskcon Kolkata organized a seminar on the topic Art of Harnessing the Mind Power on 27th & 28th July in Kolkata. It was attended by many working professionals from companies like TCS, IBM and Tech Mahindra. The speaker was Sankirtan Anand Das, a senior monk at Iskcon Kolkata. Various techniques to control the mind were discussed. Meditation especially chanting the name of the God has been found to be the most prudent and effective means to tame the mind. The concept of chanting & its positive effects on mind was very exhaustibly discussed. Rabindra Talukder, an Associate Tech Specialist at Tech Mahindra, Kolkata was very much enthused after the program. He said, “The program helped me to understand the techniques by which I can make my mind my best friend. I will definitely start chanting for a cool,calm, composed and controlled mind.” Several participants gave positive feedback.

Iskcon is conducting a 4 session Discover Your Self course from 10th August onwards in Salt Lake. The course has been designed for working professionals and homemakers. The course aims to empower the participants with timeless ancient techniques to successfully tackle the stresses & tensions of modern living.

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