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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Holding Diwali Celebrations For Your Local Community

Saturday, 02 November 2013 / Published in News / 2,053 views

By Dhirabhakta Das

So we think that holding festivals is solely the temple or preaching centre responsibility?

What if there is no local temple, or you live in a small village and travel 163 miles to the temple does this give you an exemption on holding festivals.

May be you see it as a senior devotee or temple devotee responsibility…

Well this year was the second Diwali Celebration in Bettws, Pan Y Bont, Wales and this year over 40 individuals from the local community attended, their was a lovely cake provided by Mena Mataji a congregation member at Bhaktivadanta Manor which was based around the theme of the Ramayana

Kirtan, the story surrounding Diwali, the offering of a candle, small arati whilst dancing for Krishna followed by Krishna prasadam made up the itinerary and many of those attended really got involved and enjoyed the day

This year I was supported by two remarkable devotees that made the 163 mile journey to assist being inspired to help which inspired myself having held it unassisted last year.

So go on, we all have the skill, we all live in communities that need to hear about Krishna and what better way than to invite them to a Diwali Celebration.

They so much enjoyed it were already making plans for next year which will be the communities third Diwali, and we are going to look for bigger premises

And don’t worry about the cost, the first year’s bill £80 this years bill £160 it’s the greatest value for money ever

Hare Krishna

Yours Dhirabhakta Das

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