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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

In 2013 book distribution in NA increased 25% from the previous year!

Thursday, 16 January 2014 / Published in Book distribution / 2,093 views

By Mukhya Devi Dasi


In 2013 book distribution in NA increased 25% from the previous year. Increasing book distribution increases remittances to the BBT. In a conversation with Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura in Radha Kunda, Srila Prabhupada was instructed to print books. He very specifically brought this to the West and gave us the opportunity to follow in his footsteps, “please assist me.” Srila Prabhupada was the pure example of the missionary spirit. A rising tide rises all boats. A movement means you have to move. You know you’re making progress by measuring. Even Srila Prabhupada liked to look at the numbers. We used the motto “goals are potent”, because until you set a goal, it’s just a conversation.

In 2012 we set the goal to increase by 20%, and we increased 28.6%. In 2013 we again set a goal for 20%, we increased 25%, and it was the largest remittance to the BBT in 30 years. Additionally, this year more of the temples increased. The NA BBT gives more to the construction fund in Mayapur than any other book trust. This success is due to cooperating together, and we see it only increasing.

2014 goals:

  • 10% increase in BBT sales

  • 1,008 sets of SB sold

  • 225 sets of CC sold

  • ISKCON Introductory Course at every temple making it a staple for all new people coming.

  • One additional sankirtan training center. (We currently have one in Denver.)

  • Successful strategies: Motel Gita placement, sastra dana (“gift of knowledge”) and special events

  • So far there are over 200K BG placed in motels

  • Vaisesika recommends that before collecting donations from people for the books set up your placement, and by showing this to people it helps raise the money

  • Ideas for places for the books: youth centers, community centers, hospitals, motels,

  • “Always sell in bunches, like bananas.” 2014 is the year of SELLING FULL SETS. Even when Srila Prabhupada came, with only three books, he said there were 60 volumes!

At ISKCON Silicon Valley they do a home installation which includes the full set and a bookcase!
This is the ‘do next’ for a lot of new people : what makes a home a scared place? A set of Srila Prabhupada’s books. When people have them, they naturally become devotees.

The introductory course is important. A lot of people come around for ten years, say haribol when they see you but don’t know anything . Check out to see what they’re doing at ISV. Adhukari das, at the sankirtan training center in Denver has made it part of their brahmacari training ashram (systematic structured training), and they will take men from other temples for training. All the men go out daily for four hours. Their men are cared for and mentored through all the phases of the brahmacaris lives. Once a week they meet together, imbibe a good mood of relating to each other and relating to the mentors. Their SKP training is not about how much laxmi they bring in, or books but focuses on their commitment.

EXOTIC LANGUAGE BOOKS Satyanarayan das has arranged printing of specific books into Vietnamese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean and Farsi

Srila Prabhupada also said to print as many books in as many languages and distribute them throughout the world. Exotic language books is an untouched market and that market is in America! Having these books available widens and diversifies the congregation and really widens your book distribution scope. To learn more on how to distribute these books join the NA SANKIRTAN LEADERS TEAM monthly call. . Here is a class on how to sell full sets. Also check out

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