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Is Krsna not a misspelling?

Saturday, 18 January 2014 / Published in Blog thoughts / 3,052 views

Pancharatna das: I constantly run across material from ISKCON devotees where they have spelled Krishna as Krsna without any diacritics. It’s hard enough for people who are not familiar with Sanskrit diacritics to pronounce the diacritics form of Krishna, but without diacritics this is simply a misspelling.

I also find a common misspelling of ISKCON as Iskcon. This indicates we are putting Krishna’s name in all lowercase which is not appropriate.

Am I being too particular?

4 Responses to “Is Krsna not a misspelling?”

  1. krsnaLH says :

    One person who will never be close to krsna: When i see “krsna” and i see “krishna” for some reason “krsna” looks like krsna, and “krishna” looks… just less sweet. I don’t know why.

    Maybe krsna feels more close because you do have to know the Name in order to pronounce it. Or maybe it’s because “i” am not with krsna, and i’m jealous of “h”are. Who knows. But if i were writing something for someone who didn’t know of krsna’s name and i didn’t have access to the diacritics, i think that instead of using krishna, i’d just explain the lack of dots and how krsna is pronounced. The more attention to krsna’s name the better, i guess. And as far as not capitalizing His name, i do it because you never see it capitalized when it’s mixed in with sanskrit. and to me it just looks more like him non-capitalized.

  2. krsnaLH says :

    ooooops, i meant “…like Him non-capitalized.” The little h’s are what bug me. Go figure. It’s so sure you’re going to make some mistake or other in kali yuga, isn’t it? klh

  3. gkd says :

    I also deliberately always write Krsna, Caitanya, Vaisnava, Srila, etc., with not diacritics.

    But “Iskcon” is plain wrong. Being an acronym for “International Society for Krishna [not Krsna] Consciousness,” it goes all caps (although one might suggest that “ISKCon” is the actually correct rendering).

  4. Madhavananda Das (Orissa) says :

    With Gopal Jiu Publications, our standard is to celebrate the fact that Krishna (not Krsna) is a word in the English dictionary.

    “Krishna” is easy to pronounce. However, when many non Indians try to pronounce the word “Krsna” it comes out like, “K r r r s n a”.


    But, you can’t blame them there are no vowels in that word. They are just saying it as it is spelled.

    Diacritics are great for technical academic terms, but personally I don’t find them very friendly or appropriate for person’s names. What to speak of when we spell the names using the diacritic system without the diacritics.

    Confusing, and well, … a little strange.

    Over the years, the devotees on our team find “Krishna” to be very sweet, simple, and natural. Simple, sweet, and natural, just like Krishna himself.

    Krishna. What’s the problem? :-)

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