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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Plans for Increasing Book Distribution

Thursday, 17 April 2014 / Published in Editorial, GBC / 2,894 views

From the Governing Body Commission of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness

(Editor’s note: This is the 304 of the 2014 GBC resolutions. You can find the Minutes Of The 2014 Annual General Meeting in our archives section or directly here)

Whereas in some parts of the world book distribution is not increasing (and even decreasing);

Whereas in parts of the world where there is some increase, we could do better;

Whereas cooperation and shared planning between the local GBCs and local BBT trustee has proved successful in North America;

Whereas creating goals, timelines, and targeted results works;

Whereas without goals, timelines, and targeted results, the tendency is to drift and to accept the status quo as success or the best that we can do;

Whereas Srila Prabhupada said that the GBC’s gathering together in Mayapur is to make annual plans and then measure the results the following year


The trustee of each BBT division will meet with the local GBCs to develop a plan for how to increase book distribution in their area. The scope of the plan will be from the Mayapur GBC meeting of 2014 to the Mayapur GBC meeting of 2015. The development of such a plan would naturally include the local Temple Presidents and other leaders as well.
“Local GBCs” means those GBCs in a distinct region or set of countries who all buy the majority of their books from the same BBT division. For example, such a region or set of countries could be:

(a) Latin America and the Caribbean—Latin BBT

(b) Australia and New Zealand—Australian BBT

(c) Western Europe—NE and Mediterranean BBTs

(d) Eastern Europe—NE BBT

(e) Canada and the USA—NA BBT

(f) Japan and Southeast Asia—Far East/Middle East BBT

The GBCs and BBT trustees for other parts of the world should also meet to decide if they can develop plans for their parts of the world.

There is flexibility and some overlap in how designating these areas or regions would be decided. The local GBCs and BBT division director can work out the details in consultation with each other.

Each group of GBCs will select one GBC member to serve as the chief liaison with the BBT divisional director or trustee. That GBC member will also serve as coordinator of the execution of the plan developed.

A summary of the plans thus developed will be presented by as many temples or regions as possible to the full GBC at the Mayapur 2014 GBC meeting. The individual GBC member selected as the liaison/coordinator will make the presentation for his or her region and local BBT.

The selection of the GBC liaison officer for each group must be completed by the local GBC group by the end of November 2013 at the latest.

While ISKCON, the GBC, and the BBT are independent entities and thus the GBC cannot instruct the BBT trustees, the GBC humbly appeals to the BBT trustees to kindly get involved in pushing this process forward and making sure that the development of these plans actually happens.

The Indian BBT and Indian GBCs are exempted from this resolution as they are already doing such powerful book distribution. Of course, they are welcomed and encouraged to present a plan for the coming year if they wish.

The results of this resolution will be assessed at the 2015 Annual GBC Meeting. At that time the GBC will determine whether to make this resolution permanent.

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