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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

The great secret of the cosmos

Sunday, 04 May 2014 / Published in Blog thoughts / 1,993 views

The great secret of the cosmos is controlling sex desire, by doing so you become very powerful

Gauragopala dasa: Sexual activity rivets one to the bodily concept, even in marriage one is meant to have sex for the procreation of children, semen is very powerful substance and the only way to retain it is by engaging the mind in higher conscious activities of Krishna Consciousness which is difficult, if one can do that and refrain from passing semen then ones energy increases and one becomes very powerful.

Only the great preachers are truly celibate, unfortunately there are many pretenders in the garb of a saintly men out there and their laziness and impotency in old age is due to the addiction of passing semen during their youth. The true platform of celibacy cannot be achieved artificially, one must elevate their consciousness and the process of marriage is part of that however, even in marriage one is suppose to have sex only once a month, but really, who is doing that? Very few in today’s world

So without even knowing their full potential, most men restrict themselves due to addiction to sex life not realizing that by having total control over it, one taps into a reservoir of enormous strength and clarity of mind.

One of Mayas duties is to make sure you remain weak and under her control which means addiction to the sexual feeling that binds and rivets one to their material body and therefore makes you plan everything around that ‘feeling’ or addiction. Maya will not let anyone disturb Krishna so she tests everyone who tries to approach Him through a pure devotee by testing one and that test is mostly sexual attraction in its variety of ways.

Sex desire cannot be suppressed either, if you are not attracted to women then it will pop up as masturbation, homosex or even paedophilia that has plagued most religious traditions today who artificially attempt celibacy, in this way Maya uses sex to keep one down there and bewildered by her material energy, so far down there that one does not realize the power of sex desire or how fallen and restricted by Maya they really are. All problems in life stem from uncontrolled sex desire that causes bewilderment and then acting in ways that disturbs others and oneself never realizing the true mystical qualities of practising celibacy

Maya also even makes you believe it a taboo subject that no one likes talking about because in truth its too close to ones inner secrets and true polluted nature of attachment to this material body. It is those inner secrets that remain ‘unspeakable’ that keep one ignorant of how amazingly powerful sex desire is and if totally controlled will change you life in ways you could not even imagine

Controlling sex desire can make you materially powerful or Spiritually powerful, the choice is yours, many great demons practiced celibacy and also become very powerful. The point is, for spiritual advancement it is necessary otherwise it is impossible to advance

Marriage life is part of the process of Spiritual life and bringing children into this world is the purpose of sex life, that is also controlling sex life because one is using it for what it is meant for however, at age of 55 or 60 it is recommended both you and your wife give up family life because what is the purpose of sex life at that advanced age if your wife cannot bear children?

In this way both of you should dedicate the remainder of ones life fully to God and become in harmony with nature and the universe, in this way avoiding the cycle of birth and death again and instead return back home back to Krishna

Your fallen servant Gauragopala dasa

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