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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

More milk, more milk!

Wednesday, 04 June 2014 / Published in Blog thoughts / 1,528 views

Gadi das May 2014

Have you ever made natural milk burfi? Have you ever made thick creamy sweet rice?

Well, maybe you have … that case, you will know how long it takes to get the milk to that thick creamy stage. You have to be very attentive, you have to stand by that steamy pot continuously, stirring with one hand, and chanting japa with the other. After some time the milk will start to get thick and the cream in it will homogenize making a beautiful sight indeed. Now its time to add the sugar, (organic of course), constantly stirring making it just perfect. Finally the right thickness has been achieved, and a perfect offering has been made ready to offer to the Supreme Lord.

The milk in this story is the liquid substance in our heart. The stirring is our attempt to homogenize ourselves with our Lord. Standing attentively, stirring and stirring, we are cooking out the water, the unwanted desires, the items in our hearts that keep us from becoming that thick, creamy, sweet, homogenized lover of Krsna. Krsna is very fond of sweets, especially the sweetness of pure love, that is His primary craving. He has insatiable desires to experience the pure sweet love from every living entity. We shouldn’t deprive Him of His desires….

What if, while you are cooking and stirring, cooking and stirring, anticipating your sweet rice becoming thick and creamy, someone keeps pouring cold milk into the pot. Somehow you can’t stop him… the pot goes luke warm…you keep stirring and stiiring, but to no avail… the preparation never gets thick, sweet and creamy.

Sounds very frustrating doesn’t it..and indeed it is. You can be stirring that pot for several lifetimes. What is the solution?

There are many reasons, the primary reason is us, our material desires, our offences to the holy names, our own personal lack of determination, our own personal lack of greed to attain thick, sweet, creamy love for the Supreme Lord. A lot rests on good association and good instruction. If you are maintaining material desires, if you are being critical, if you are being lazy, (spiritually speaking), and you have not properly tended to the real business of heart cleansing, and have not developed the greed, or intense desire, (which by the way can only come from the association of those who have it), then you can be stirring endlessly… the milk remaining luke warm.

The solution for this is really quite simple…the Harinam process can bring us to the perfected point very quickly…but it must be done congregationally and toether with the attentive hearing of Krsna’s pastimes.

If you are not regularly, daily that is , hearing Krsna’s incredible adventures, His loving exchanges with His intimate devotees, then you will remain luke warm, just like the milk. Material desires will persist, offences will predominate, and you will feel a profound lacking in your spiritual life.

Collectively, as a society we are doing the same thing. We are more interested in the external world than we are in the private internal world in each of our hearts. We consider spiritual success by the numbers of people we contact, the number of books distributed, the constant increasing of large festivals and gatherings, and finally by the amount of money collected. Krsna is truly impressed by money….Not! More and more milk being added while we try to stir, an stir, and stir….. We keep pouring in more people, only to see them leave after some time. Why? By our association they are also feeling unsatisfied, and must move on…searching, now for a better external place to render devotional service…lets hurry and get them initiated!…but even

that won’t work. The same problem still exists. Because we ourselves have not stirred, cooked and homogenized ourselves into the pure liquid that Krsna is so attracted to. If Krsna is not attracted to us…we will not be truly attracted to Him. Love really is a 2 way street.

Don’t get me wrong, the intense hard work and struggle to give Krsna to others is perfectly in our line of perfect acaryas. We must do that! But we must also tend to our personal, internal relationship with Krsna, giving equal time to the inside as we do to the outside. This will make us powerful association, and this will have a powerful and lasting effect on the world.

This is why Prabhupada recommended for our society to take some time, cook down the milk, make it thick, then, when it is time, we will be ready to conquer the world. A society of condensed sweetness can truly give the world what it needs…. Pure Devotional service.

We are not and don’t ever want to be just another mundane religion consisting primarily of pretty people in colorful clothing wearing ankle bells playing exotic instruments……. This in not the whole package Lord Caitanya has given us. Just study these books… most notably Srimad Bhagavatam and Caitanya Caratamrita. Read them intensely and honestly….and then tell me your conclusion. We are here as individual spirit souls formed into a society by the greatest saintly person ever to grace the earth….the purpose? For each of us to personally develop Krsna Prema….a life so thick, sweet and buttery that the whole world will want a taste.

We simply must obey Sri Guru and Gauranga…chant the holy names loudly everyday for many hours …. And hear Krsna’s enchanting pastimes and exquisite qualities….All other nonsense will simply dissolve into nothingness…. No more affairs…no more bickering… no more offences…just happiness…. That’s it for today…. Yours in Prabhhupad, always on call… Gadi das…

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