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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Fill Me With Your Song

Monday, 14 July 2014 / Published in Poetry / 1,401 views


Jessica: Oh, Govinda, I long for only You
as only You fill my heart with a light
like the rising sun stretching
from one corner to the next;
Illuminating the dark recesses of my soul-
once cold and numb, inflicted by wounds
from this material world, now only filled with
the ecstasy of turning my eyes towards You.
Your beautiful form makes tears like autumn showers
fall, and I let them, unashamed. I’m compelled to
cup them in my hands and raise them up towards You
as offerings of my devotion.

I feel like a lover caught in the throes of passion for
all I can think of is the intoxicating joy that meditating
on Your Names brings me and all that I am consumed
with is my desire to show you my affection.
I walk amidst fields of wildflowers and pick You the most
beautiful ones while singing Your names and feeling
the wind that You bring pass gently through my hair.
The playful joy of inhibition overwhelms me as
I care not what others think while I make gestures
of adoration to the One who has captured
my heart in His net of mercy.

I kneel down beside the weary who come along my path,
the aged, sick and tired- those whose hearts have known the brokenness
that has defined mine for so long and still at times plagues me.
I seek to serve them with love,
knowing that by serving them I am serving You.
I pray that You give me the strength and discernment to shine
the light I discover inward outwards onto this material world.
Help me be Your instrument and fill me with Your song.

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