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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

A poem dedicated to Madhudvisa Prabhu ACBSP

Saturday, 09 August 2014 / Published in Poetry / 1,597 views

Madhuvisa Prabhu ACBSP
written by Steven Leonard Schwartz, an ISKCON of Arizona devotee

His grace Madhuvisa Prabhu ACBSP
Left his body without fanfare, so gracefully and quietly
Prabhu left so suddenly, didn’t have a chance to say
goodbye, because
Krishna reserved his seat on the next flight out to the
Spiritual Sky
Quoting Gurudas, Madhuvisa Prabhu led “By His Example”
Living the pages of the “Bhagavad Gita” breathing
Prabhupada’s preamble
I knew the man by reading what other devotees said
He left his body when Krishna called then traveled “Back to
Let’s “Come Together” and serve Krishna remembering our
brother Madhuvisa Prabhu
With the sweetest devotion The Lord was his spiritual
ocean from the Pacific to Watseka Avenue
Just last weekend The Ratha Yatra was within his reach
The Deities in their chariot at Venice Beach
Always remember Prabhupada’s speech is Krishna’s teach
He’s The One Prabhupada said we all could afford
George sang about Krishna, He’s our “My Sweet Lord”
Madhuvisa Prabhu ACBSP ejected and pulled Krishna’s
No longer “Living in The Material World” he is now with
Krishna, “The Sweetest Landlord”
Gurudas spoke to Madhuvisa Prabhu ACBSP

Gurudas response to Bhakta Steven regarding Madhuvisa Prabhu ACBSP

“Krishna told me to telephone Madhuvisa. I did. We spoke for 20 minutes or so on Monday. Listen to your intuition. Your Chaita Guru. Because if I didn’t listen to my heart I would have not talked with him. So nicely. Right before he left very soon. After we connected.”


His Grace Madhudvisa das
Civil servant Asish Soni serves kitchari – food for stomach and soul – to hungry Londoners from the Hare Krishna Food For Life van