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Varsana sunset

Tuesday, 19 September 2006 / Published in Bhurijana dasa, Inspirational / 5,024 views

Submitted by Bhurijana dasa

Hare Krsna.

Varsana is sweetened by the childhood pastimes of Srimati Radharani. It is located within the Vrindaban forest, which extends 32 miles, from the town of Vrindaban to Nanda-grama and Varsana.

Sri Prabhodananda Sarasvati remains ever-fixed in his glorification of the land of Vrindaban:

What nonsense! What nonsense! What misfortune! Even though he is a ‘great man’ he still does not like blissful Vrndavana!

If even the ‘greatest’ person refuses to take shelter of blissful Vrndavana, he should be called the lowest of men.

I do not love blissfully sweet Vrndavana. What is the good of my knowledge, devotion, or renunciation?

Pathetic! Pathetic are my scholarship, noble birth, good character, and splendid array of virtues! Because in this life I do not love Vrndavana, I am a living corpse.

Because I have not renounced everything and taken shelter of Vrndavana, I am more pitiful than those pitied by the pitiful and I am more foolish than the greatest fool.

Lord Caitanya’s feet are far away. Powerful Kali has appeared. How will love for Krsna be attained without love for Vrndavana?

Let hundreds of arrows of harsh words pierce my heart. Let hundreds and hundreds of kicks fall on my head. Let hundreds of days pass where I am unable to get even the smallest meal. Remembering at every moment the fair and dark glories that are my life’s treasure, and whose forms are two oceans of sweet nectar, I shall happily live in Vrndavana.

Birth after birth you enjoyed the loving attentions of a dear wife who offered you flower garlands, sandalwood paste and a host of other gifts. In some births your pride knew no limit, and in some births you had no fame. In some births you were a great scholar learned in many books, and in some births folly would not leave you. Today you should be displeased with all these things. Give them all up and simply worship Vrndavana to attain transcendental bliss.

If fools see defects in this inconceivably glorious earthly Vrndavana, where everything is effulgent, pure, spiritual, and full of nectar, and where all living entities swim in a nectar ocean of pure love for Krsna, the farther shore of which even the three Vedas cannot see, then what can the wise, who have the eyes to see, say to enlighten them?

If one worships Vrndavana, which has endless beauty, endless sweetness, endless splendour, endless nectar, love for Krsna, endless kindness, and generosity and endless glory, then his good fortune is also endless.

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