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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Developments and progress of our shelter project for the devotees displaced in Ukraine

Friday, 26 September 2014 / Published in Reports / 1,704 views

By Niranjana Swami

This blog will document the developments and progress of our shelter project for the devotees displaced in Ukraine. At this point, with your kind and generous donations, we have raised enough to provide basic care and support for the devotees in need. Our focus right now is the development of buildings that will shelter devotees as the cold winter months quickly approach, while providing emergency funding to devotees not being able to buy the basic necessities of food and warmth.

We have started construction on a 10 room building with a communal kitchen (see pictures below). This will house families most in need of shelter immediately on its completion. The papers for an adjacent property are also being gathered in the intent to purchase it for housing more of the displaced devotees.

1) A boiler for heating the building and water has already been purchased. It’s fueled by sawdust. This will keep heating costs way down because sawdust is free from the devotee’s sawmill down the street. Moreover, with the gas crisis (Russia cut off gas to Ukraine) wood prices have shot up. The boiler cost $5,700.

2) Later this week approximately $17,000 will be spent on wood for constructing the building. The devotee who owns the sawmill right next to the property will be milling the wood as a service. 

3) Besides the foundation which is being dug right now, four wells are currently being drilled for water and septic.

 Please keep these devotees in your prayers as they begin the process rebuilding their homes and lives.

 Your well-wisher,
Niranjana Swami

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