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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Kuli Mela 2006 – A festival of love and healing

Friday, 16 June 2006 / Published in Events / 4,296 views



Here in New Vrindavan we have 500 plus Gurukulis from all over the world gathered for an unprecended event. It started wednesday 14th June and will finish on sunday 18th. A wide variety of programmes from Mrndanga workshops with Bhima Karna, Dance with Sri Keshava, Writing with Madhava Smullen and many seminars on finding the right career, healing trauma to many workshops on spiritual development are taking place as well as the focal point- KIRTAN! There is a kirtan Kutir central to the whole programme led and attended by many devotional and skilled kirtaneers from the Kuli crowd. Kulis love kirtan more than anyone I have ever seen.

In the evenings at the Palace of Gold grounds there are first class entertainments ranging from comedy with Yadhunath and his wife, Music from Jaggy from the UK, dancing from Sri Keshava and many many more talented artists too many to name.

It is very exciting and enlivening to have so many wonderful Iskcon youth here in New Vrindaban. They have come with a mood of wanting to help us make a difference in our society. The energy they are generating here is potent and if carried through into the future will no doubt make a wave of change and dynamic growth as exemplified by the quotes below that I gathered today. I asked a simple question- “what does Kulimela mean to you?”

Syamasundar (ACBSP) “It’s time to pass the baton. Srila Prabhupada’s wave passed around the world and the pool is silencing-time for another BIG SPLASH! Only these beautiful kids can do it!”

Vaiyasaki (ACBSP)-Kirtaneer and author ” It’s gratifying to see that Srila Prabhupadas Iskcon is in good hands. Here at Kuli Mela I see dedicated young people who have accepted Lord Caitanyas mission as their life and soul. All glories to these sincere devotees!”

Sri Keshava dasi- recording artist/ dancer- ” Kuli Mela is an opportunity for devotees to share their time and talents in an environment of love, acceptance and encouragement”

Mercy Kretina, New Vrindavan Kuli- “to me Kulimela means togetherness of all Krsnas children and reminding each other to remember Krsna always.

Manu dasa from Montreal- ” Kulimela is an important event in that it brings people together to help balance material and spiritual life, and to look to our future in Iskcon.”

Kaishori devi dasi – “Kulimela means that the younger generation are getting empowerment to carry the legacy of love that Prabhupada has left us. The Kulis are the hope for this society to act in such a way that they learn from the mistakes that Iskcon went through in the past, rectify them and make Iskcon the beautiful society that Prabhupada established”

Vishnu Raghubar from NYC- ” Meeting new friends, getting together and having Kirtan and Krsna Katha is what Kulimela means to me. Talking with each other and discussing how to make our community better.”

All glories to the Kuli’s- welcome home, you have arrived in grand style!!

YS Hari dasa

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