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Sunday, 24 September 2006 / Published in Articles, Kesava Krsna Dasa / 3,429 views

By Kesava Krsna dasa – GRS

Albert Einstein had the insight to observe that two things were infinite: [1] Human stupidity and [2] The cosmos. But he wasn’t too sure about the second one.

What in the solar system does schooling have to do with exalted arcane ‘facts’ such as the big-bang and evolution? Nothing at all really, but everything to do with sanity and the theft of knowledge.

There was one sagely looking fellow, a Mr. Darwin, who when analyzing the complexities of an eye, saw the absurdity of his own evolution theory, but has to his credit, convinced of the subsequent need to institutionalize his theory in school text books worldwide.

Acknowledged by opponents as his unholiness, his undivine grace, the founder a-charlatan of evolutionanity ki boooooo!, he has blessed humanity with the ‘noble’ contention that our something great grandparents were hairy, half-brained grunting louse infested tree dwelling brutes, whose ‘glorious’ creation sprung up from a lowly obnoxious puddle. His admirers exult such an incredibly illustrious heritage.

That many people are convinced of this, though they do not understand, definitely says something about blind faith. A faith which average religious people say is aligned with Satan, or some obscure madman, while the evolutions will accuse religious people of retarded intellectual deficiency, whose ‘holy’ scriptures originated with uncivilized savages. Both sides feel justified. Two sides of the same planet.

When our children go to school to be indoctrinated with the thesis that we are just walking mechanistic soul-less bags of chemicals, which yell ouch! when its c-fibers are firing, being mere units of stardust hurtling mindlessly through outer space for no reason whatsoever, except through the velocity of the fateful detonation at the beginning of time, a nasty trend is set.

When a child comes home from school, the parents inquire, “My dear child. Oh glory of the family, upholder of the family tradition. Oh future hope for the entire world. What did you learn today?” At least this is the ideal. A kali-yuga enquiry would more accurately be, “Oi! Wat did yer lern t’day little ‘un?”

The ‘sacred’ evolution textbooks would have the child believe, and respond in this way, “Good day to you who produced me. I learnt that I am an evolved biological system, who is blindly programmed by indeterminate physical laws to selfishly preserve my genes by means of reproduction. I have no purpose on this earth. I exist thanks to a sheer mathematically impossible random chance occurrence which set in motion the phenomenon of evolution. Ultimately, I am a piece of animated left-over debris from the almighty big-bang which happened X billion years ago. I am your by-product born out of a symbiotic pairing of male and female Y and X chromosomes.” How sweet!

Compare this statement with verse, BG.16.8. “They say that this world is unreal, with no foundation, no God in control. They say it is produced of sex desire and has no cause other than this.”

Lord Krsna is describing a typical demoniac viewpoint of the world around us. This is to say, that within the barriers of demoniac thought territory, attempts are made to teach young minds the same thing, but couched in Disney-like fairy-tale technological attractiveness.

In fact, a response like this would more likely come from a programmed robot, created by zealous proponents of artificial intelligence, who certainly subscribe to the above type of thinking. A robot like the famed ‘terminator.’ What do I mean – terminator?

It is known that such a demoniac outlook has devastating effects upon people and society, contributing to a major breakdown in the social order. When the deterioration reaches a certain stage, BG. Verses 1.39, 1.40, and 1.41 explain how with the destruction of family values, irreligion leads to – Varna sankarah – unwanted children. Abandoned, uncared for, and unloved people generally make life hellish for all concerned.

When regimented killing of animals en-masse is considered normal, when abortion is seen as valid, when chopping down dwindling forests is economically productive and so on, quite contrary to Vedic ideals, are signs of convoluted thought of the type only terminators will perform with glee. Without spiritual guidance, people are apt to do horrendous brutal things. Yet it is considered progress. The wise however, will see this as the progressive deterioration of a dead body. A corpse is also progressing, but towards a stooly end as the worms evacuate.

Among the plethora of theories tied to the premise of evolution and big-bang, one is called the anthropic principle. It stipulates that the whole universe was so fortuitously designed to facilitate man as the undisputed, pre-eminent prime being. Does this sound somewhat arrogant? In reality, it means that MAN, yes the MAN, can, even in the name of religion, absolutely exploit nature and her resources, the animals and ‘inferior’ fellow humans, at enormous cost to the environment, with resultant freakish weather, water and food shortages, imbalanced bio-diversity, not to mention social disorder and the rest. According to Einstein’s reckoning, when the anthro-stupid justifies the supremacy of stupidity, can we expect peace and harmony?

When military establishments purposely or inadvertently kill civilians, they call it collateral damage. When future generations are taught we are all blobs of collateral animation, in principle no different from a cardboard box, potential trouble is forever brewing. What can we do with a cardboard box? We can pummel it, kick it, and smash it, whatever. What is the harm if we pulverize a brother blob, or sister blobini, Mamablob or Dadblob, or even blobiji? This is insidious terminator philosophy. Each day, more and more terminators are participating in what many scientists warn, of the ability to adapt in an increasingly deterministic world. Adapt or die. Terminate to survive. Survival of the fittest. Doesn’t this sound like kali-yuga? I thought so.

Isn’t this all so bleak and gloomy? Why are all these things happening?

It is the result of grand theft. Theft? Divine theft to be precise. We all know how Krsna’s divine stealing of yoghurt and butter is the source of unlimited bliss to those pure in heart. But to the unclean heart, the heart of an individual who envies the Supreme Lord, who seeks to delete Him, and replace Him with a theory incompatible with Godhood, his knowledge is stolen by illusion, who is Maya, the divine energy of the Lord. BG.7.15, tells of the types of people who do not surrender to Krsna.

Lord Krsna reserves the right to reveal Himself or not BG.7.25. But it hurts Him to see His servants, in this case, the demigods not being accorded the respect they deserve BG.3.12 –“In charge of the various necessities of life, the demigods being satisfied by the performance of yagna [sacrifice], will supply all necessities to you. But he who enjoys such gifts without offering them to the demigods in return is certainly a thief.”

Srila Prabhupada writes: “….if we forget the purpose of human life and simply take supplies from the agents of the Lord for sense gratification and become more and more entangled in material existence, which is not the purpose of creation, certainly we become thieves, and therefore we are punished by the laws of material nature. A society of thieves can never be happy, because they have no aim in life….”BG.3.12 purport.

The scientific theories aligned to diversions from – satyam – truth, clearly do not give respect to anyone or anything, and compulsory schooling amidst the unpleasant consequences of mans deeds is required in a secular society. The challenge for parents is to keep the balance by sorting out the facts from fiction thereby synchronizing the developing intellect. Those who fail to do this are being party to a crime which can render a person ‘stupid.’

Your servant, Kesava Krsna dasa – GRS.

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    Gaurav Mittal ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    If youwant to found negativeness, you can find anywhere even in so call non-stupid schooling.

    I went to school and learnt various scientific theories but did not see stupidity in schooling. It was enriching experience which increased faith in Ram. I could understand complexity of human body, ecological balance in the world and so on which made me intellectually accept Ram as super power arranging everything. One great advantage of my schooling is that it taught me to differentiate fake spirituality with true spirituality. Many so called spiritual feats are physical phenomenon instead of spiritual phenomenon.

    I personally believe that I am best teacher to teach about Krishna or Ram to my kids and it is better than schools don’t teach them. Many people favor intelligent design theory but if it is taught in school, then which version should be taught. In Christian dominated America, if Christians take control of education then they will be teaching “Krishna is Satan and we are Satan worshippers.” It is better that teaching spirituality is left to individual parents. Otherwise, minority views won’t be respected.

    -Gaurav Mittal

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