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VIHE Kartik Semester 2006 info

Tuesday, 26 September 2006 / Published in Ads, Announcements, General / 3,811 views

By Adipurusa das ( GKG )

Dear Devotees, Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

There is no better month for a devotee than Damodara-masa and no better vrata or service than hearing about Krishna in association of devotees. Sri Vrindavan Dhama is present in this world to give us this opportunity.

Please find here the schedule of this year’s Kartik Semester in VIHE. See also

Kartik Semester Schedule

Oct 14 Outing Worship at Surya Kunda Dravida Dasa

Oct 15
4.50pm-6.00pm English Bhakti Sastri Closing

Oct 16 – 19
3.30pm-5.30pm Impersonalism Sankirtana Dasa

Oct 16-19
4.30pm-6pm Gosala Caring for cows Kurma-rupa Dasa Sanaka Sanatana Dasa Hrimati Dasi

Oct 18 – Oct 20
10am-1pm Mathura Meets Vrndavana Madhavananda Dasa

Oct 21 Outing Uddhava of Vrindavana Lokanath Swami

Oct 22 Govardhana Puja

Oct 23 – Nov 10
10am-11am SP’s House Sanskrt Bhakta Demian

Oct 23 – Nov 10
4pm-5.30pm SP’s House Hindi Bhakta Demian

Oct 26 Srila Prabhupada’s Disappearance Day

Oct 27 – Nov 3
3.30pm-5.30pm The 4 Vaisnava Sampradayas Madhavendra-puri Dasa

Oct 27-29
5.45pm-6.30pm Sri Sampradaya Damana-krsna Dasa

Oct 28 – Nov 3
9.45am-11.45am Sad-darsana Kamala Locana Dasa

Oct 31 – Nov 3
12pm-2pm The Alvars Vanamali-gopala Dasa

Nov 3 Hindi Bhakti Sastri Opening

Nov 10 – 15 Japa Retreat Sacinandana Swami – Bhurijana Dasa

Nov 17 – 24 Govardhana Retreat: Sacinandana Swami – Bhurijana Dasa – Jagattarini Dasi

Nov 28 Bhaktivedanta Studies Opening

Your servants at VIHE



Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu Text 1.2.222:

tatrapi mathurayam visesho, yatha tatraiva

bhuktim muktim harir dadyad arcito ‘nyatra sevinam

bhaktim tu na dadaty eva yato vasyakari hareh

It is said in the Padma Purana that Lord Hari gives enjoyments and liberation (bhukti and mukti) to the devotees who observe Kartika-vrata in worshipping the Lord during the month of Kartika anywhere other than Mathura; but does not bestow bhakti because bhakti binds down the Lord to His devotees. –1.2.222-

Commentary: Sri Jiva Gosvami observes that the intention of the text here in saying that the Lord does not bestow bhakti because it binds Him down to such devotee, is that it does not really cause any unhappiness to the Lord being subordinated to His devotees by the superior power of bhakti. This is intended to establish the excellence of bhakti as distinct from bhukti and mukti, as the last two have no power to make the Lord, bound down to those to whom He offers them. Bhakti, which has the potency of subordinating even the Supreme Lord, should not be offered by the Lord to the undeserving. So long as one is not eligible for it, the Lord does not give bhakti. This eligibility lies in the independence of bhakti of any other desire excepting desire for bhakti itself. But even if one is not thus eligible for the blessings of bhakti, such eligibility is easily and immediately attained if one observes Kartika-vrata in Mathura, i.e. if Lord Damodara is worshipped in Mathura in the month of Kartika.

Sri Mukunda dasa Gosvami points out that if one observes Kartika-vrata in any place other than Mathura and without any attachment for the Lord, then such a person, receives the boons of bhukti and mukti from the Lord, and not bhakti. It is not proper that the Lord should make Himself subordinated to one by giving him bhakti when such a person has no attachment for the Lord. It is thus that the Lord does not give them, bhakti. But the worship of Lord Damodara in Mathura in the month of Kartika has such spiritual force that one becomes eligible for the Lord’s blessing of bhakti.

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