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Precautions during floods

Wednesday, 27 September 2006 / Published in Appeals / 7,693 views

by Dr. Madhumati Devi Dasi

Dear All Mayapur residence,
PAMHO.AGTSP .Gangamai is slowly coming once again to touch the lotus feet of lord Nrisimhadeva.Slowly the water is raising at a steady pace.All the day school and Housing is now totally flooded and water level is already 4 feet to 5 feet.I saw many childrens having fun in the water in the housing area but as a pathologist we always have a microscopic view! I feel following Health precautions have to be taken !

WATER :.The flooded water is now contaminated with industrial chemical waste,arsenic poisoning,enteric viral, bacteria infections,micro organisms.sewages etc etc.Those devotees with cuts in the hands,legs have to take precautions from the flooded water or else develop tetanus or also diphtheria.Keep your immunizations up to date.Drink water that you know is boiled.Please donot take chances by coming in contact with flood water.Sometimes bites by micro organisms/water insects have a very dangerous effect on skins/body.It can be fatal long before you have realized it.PLEASE DRINK BOILED WATER AND KEEP AWAY FROM FLOOD WATER!

SNAKES : All snakes are struggling to survive and also moving to higher grounds.hence if you are on their path,they can be dangerous.If you have to travel use BOATS.but walking in flooded water is really Risky and Dangerous.

MALARIA : Standing water is the breeding grounds for mosquitoes.Next 2 weeks one must take anti-malaria medicine everyday.Mahasudarshan tablets by dabur has good results.One tablet a day will protect you from Malaria.

CHILDRENS :This is my humble request that if possible keep childrens PROTECTED all the times.They are proned to all water borne-diseases.Cholera,Dysentry,usually follow after floods. If possible go to safer area and stay away for sometime as Mayapur floods may lasts 15 days or more even before the water subsides.

I hope these precautions may help and if anybody needs to contact me for any medical advice.My number is 245378.


Ys Madhumati Devi Dasi

PS: HYGIENE: Wash hands with dettol shops when ever possible.Basic hygiene can help you keep low risk

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