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Further updates and fotos from Mayapur flood

Wednesday, 27 September 2006 / Published in News / 8,216 views

By Vrindavan Lila Dasi

Dear devotees, Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obeisancies. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

We are still trapped by the water in Youth Forum bld, Gosala area. We could walk to the temple in water upto our chest, but both of our healths isn’t good at all. We do get out a little only around Gosala area, as it is less time to spend in cold water than trying to go to the temple.

In galery you can find mixed pictures from varios devotees, that include temple area. I will try to go that side tomorrow maybe.

In attached file is a zipped folder with some photos from 2-nd day of flood at Gosala/Youth Forum area. Click here to download them

All Bengaly grihastha community that normally lives behind Gosala is now with us – in the Youth Forum building…. there are some pics of them too. They had to rush with all their posessions to the shelter of YF bld in the evening an into the night they were carry laggage in the waters…

Cooking is going on verandas with spicy smells mixed with kerosin smoke. Some of their houses got washed away… some ladies are crying. Life isn’t easy for everyone… Somehow, by now everyone got settled in acceptance of the facts of life and trying to carry on living their lives.

Please pray that this Hare Krishna!

your servant, Vrindavan Lila Dasi
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By Padmalochan Das

12:30 pm 28th, the water has stopped rising, but we have just got news that one barrage has broken and 1 foot more water is coming towards us by to night.

The water entered Panchatatvas alter yesterday evening, Lord Narasimha is no longer being dressed accept for a simple piece of cloth as whatever cloth is offered gets wet within an hour. Full worship is continuing. Srila Prabhupada has been taken to the top floor of the conch building and guru puja is going on there. The small deities and salagrams will most probably be moved to the conch building in the morning.

Unfortunately yesterday at 4:30 pm 27th, three devotees drowned when their bout turned over. Suchitendra’s wife [Gouri Devi dasi, Srila Prabhupada’s grand daughter] and daughter plus his brother all died in the accident.

Power is still on in most of the areas but the main grihaster area is only getting generator power for a few hours a day. The Ganga’s current has increased and it is not so easy to move around. The humidity is very high and there are a lot of smelly fumes coming from the water.

ys Padmalochan Das

3 Responses to “Further updates and fotos from Mayapur flood”

  1. Padmalochan das says :

    1:30 pm 29th

    The waters have stoped rising and went down a little but now rains are forecast for the next three days. The rains are starting as I type.

    We went to the boy’s ashram yesterday afternoon, they are without power and drinking water, they have a boat so some of the boys go to the main temple area every day to bring water and food.

    Last night 11:00 pm Gouri Devi dasi, her daughter and brother in law were cremated at the Goshala.

    The rain is pouring and the skies are black.

    Padmalochan das

  2. mad says :

    Comment and update by mani deep, SMIS senior student.

    The water is presently going down slowly. The skies are no longer black and it’s presently sunny. Today the 30th the water has receeded 3 inches overnight.

    The kirtans in the temple are ecstatic and large amounts of charanamrita and maha are being distributed. Sweet evening bhajans are being held daily in the Conch building.

    The Shree Mayapur International School has relocated to the Conch building room 870 where senior students are preparing for their Cambridge exams.

    Despite the flood the cooks have managed to keep everyone on a healthy and varied Prasadam diet.

    To all those who have deserted, fearing the flood austerities, the atmosphere here is enlivening.

  3. Padmalochan das says :

    2:00 pm 30th

    it is raining steadily although there were clear skies all morning and the water has gone down by four inches.

    The water left Panchatatvas alter this morning.

    Power is still on almost every were although there are regular breaks of 15 to 20 minutes.

    Dysentery and fever is the main problem at the moment for most devotees.

    Padmalochan das

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