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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Ode to Lord Caitanya

Friday, 27 February 2015 / Published in Poetry / 1,392 views

Samapriya devi dasi (ACBSP): A golden youth in flowing robes, He danced all through the street,
And sang the names of Hari, imploring others to repeat.
His hair was long and curling, He wore flowers and love beads,
Awakening all troubled souls to the glory of what one needs.

The Sankirtan Movement spread throughout the land,
bringing smiles to forlorn faces.
As the Holy Name unleashed divine love,
stored in the remotest of places.
Once set free it soared beyond time, borders of countries, and the ocean.
Making its way across the great seas,
Rising in the hearts of fallen hippies,
To encircle the earth with a million melodies,
Lord Caitanya’s plan was in motion.

In the lila of the Lord there is no unplanned coincidence,
Garbed with long hair, flowers and beads, their search for love took precedence.
Though perverted reflection and the truth are not the same,
The Lord set it in place to deliver the Holy Name.
The only solution to all the frustration,
malignant in the the hearts of a bewildered population

They gathered together and danced in the street,
To the music of hope, they searched for the beat.
For want of a reason and purpose for existence,
Bewildered they probed in unworthy places for assistance.

The life they were given with plenty of things,
To fill their desires whatever it brings,
Could not satisfy their hearts only stings,
As society strived to break their young wings.

A saint was sent to save them all,
To free them from Maya’s decadent call.
The Sankirtan Movement was in his hands,
To deliver the souls in foreign lands.

The source of love within all hearts bestows the greatest benediction,
In this age the Holy Name relieves all of one’s affliction.
A simple method to cry out loud,
to raise your arms and not be proud.
Krsna’s name elates the soul,
it is the process and the goal.

Lord Caitanya blessed this world by giving Hari Nama,
All we need to do is chant this transcendental psalm.
Keep the Name upon your lips, and japa on your finger tips,
The geyser of love will be revealed,
Within your heart where once concealed.

Sri Caitanya in the Vedas
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