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Proper Rectification for Child Abuser

Tuesday, 20 June 2006 / Published in Discussion, Gaurav Mittal, Ongoing debates / 4,437 views

By Gaurav Mittal

Anyone who chants 16 rounds etc should not automatically be considered as rectified . A true rectification means that a person has attained elevated spiritual state – his thoughts are one pointedly focussed on Krishna’s name, lila etc for a good amount of time everyday (not just the external act of chanting etc.), that person has attained state of equanimity – freedom from raga dvesa & anger etc. Actually, a child abuser who undergoes spiritual elavation after proper rectification, will feel guilty and out of humility, he will give up position of authority.

When I was in school, I went to Jagannath Puri. I felt so pure in that environment that I chanted around 80 rounds every day for a week. But unfortunately, my mind was somewhere else. When I analyse it, chanting 80 rounds did not spiritually elevate me. True spiritual elavation comes when our thoughts are one pointedly focussed (ekena manasa in SB language or vyavasayatmika budhi in Gita’s language) on Krishna. When we do japa, attend kirtan, do arati etc, our thoughts should be one pointedly focussed on Krishna. That purifies us.

If child abuser is considered to be rectified, he needs to have one pointed focuss on Krishna. Unfortunately, practically speaking it is very difficult to do so for child abuser. The inattentive sadhana where mind is not one pointedly focussed on Krishna should not qualify as rectification. Proper rectification should not be used as a means to support evil.

With my personal realization, one pointed focuss on Krishna can do following:

* It can bring a person to a state of equanimity (samatvam yogam ucyate). One becomes equanimous to raga-dvesa, sukh-dukh etc. Actually to such person, the world is not miserable anymore. (Child abuser abuses child as he lacks equanimity. He is working on his impulses and has lack of control over his mind and emotions. Most probably, he himself went through abusive experience. Equanimity is complete opposite state.)
* One can see how modes are acting (guna gunesu vartate) and how he is different from these modes.
* One can get a glimpse of being different from mind and body. One can see himself as observer and pakrti, mind & body as different from the observer. I think one pointed focuss makes us factually realize that we are not the body.

One pointed attention on Ram coupled with seeing Ram in our heart and in everyone’s heart can spiritually elavate us more and more. Actually, 11th canto of SB states that when a person one-pointedly focusses on Krishna, then Krishna manifests in that persons heart and removes all the ignorance. Obviously if Krishna manifests in the heart of child abuser, then he should be considered rectified.

This effect of one pointed focus on Krishna be proven through experience. One does not need to accept these effects on one pointed focus on Krishna on basis of faith. The results are self-evident and it is science. I agree that the person in whose heart Krishna has manifested should be allowed to hold position of authority in Srila Prabhupada’s movement. But again, the claim that abuser has rectified should be used very carefully and should not be used to support evil.

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