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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Scientific understanding of Krishna Consciousness

Saturday, 24 December 2016 / Published in Quotes / 9,754 views

By Jaganmohini devi dasi

What follows below is the S.B. morning class given by H.H. Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami during his last visit to Juhu, ISKCON on 18th June 2006. This was his last S.B. morning class delivered at ISKCON temple.

H.H. Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami visited Mumbai during the period 14th June night to 18th June evening and left behind lot of instructions and wonderful memories for his disciples at Mumbai.

Verse from SB 3.25.36


Upon seeing the charming forms of the Lord, smiling and attractive, and hearing His very pleasing words, the pure devotee almost loses all other consciousness. His senses are freed from all other engagements, and he becomes absorbed in devotional service. Thus in spite of his unwillingness, he attains liberation without separate endeavor.


There are three divisions of devotees—first-class, second-class and third-class. Even the third-class devotees are liberated souls. It is explained in this verse that although they do not have knowledge, simply by seeing the beautiful decoration of the Deity in the temple, the devotee is absorbed in thought of Him and loses all other consciousness. Simply by fixing oneself in Krishna consciousness, engaging the senses in the service of the Lord, one is imperceptibly liberated. This is also confirmed in Bhagavad-gita. Simply by discharging uncontaminated devotional service as prescribed in the scriptures, one becomes equal to Brahman. In Bhagavad-gitä it is said, brahma-bhuyaya kalpate [Bg. 14.26] This means that the living entity in his original state is Brahman because he is part and parcel of the Supreme Brahman. But simply because of his forgetfulness of his real nature as an eternal servitor of the Lord, he is overwhelmed and captured by maya. His forgetfulness of his real constitutional position is maya. Otherwise he is eternally Brahman.

When one is trained to become conscious of his position, he understands that he is the servitor of the Lord. “Brahman” refers to a state of self-realization. Even the third-class devotee—who is not advanced in knowledge of the Absolute Truth but simply offers obeisances with great devotion, thinks of the Lord, sees the Lord in the temple and brings forth flowers and fruits to offer to the Deity—becomes imperceptibly liberated. Sraddhayanvitah: with great devotion the devotees offer worshipful respects and paraphernalia to the Deity. The Deities of Radha and Krishna, Lakshmi and Narayana, and Rama and Sita are very attractive to devotees, so much so that when they see the statue decorated in the temple of the Lord they become fully absorbed in thought of the Lord. That is the state of liberation. In other words, it is confirmed herewith that even a third-class devotee is in the transcendental position, above those who are trying for liberation by speculation or by other methods. Even great impersonalists like Sukadeva Gosvami and the four Kumaras were attracted by the beauty of the Deities in the temple, by the decorations and by the aroma of tulasi offered to the Lord, and they became devotees. Even though they were in the liberated state, instead of remaining impersonalists they were attracted by the beauty of the Lord and became devotees.

Here the word vilasa is very important. Vilasa refers to the activities or pastimes of the Lord. It is a prescribed duty in temple worship that not only should one visit the temple to see the Deity nicely decorated, but at the same time he should hear the recitation of Srimad-Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita or some similar literature, which is regularly recited in the temple. It is the system in Vrndavana that in every temple there is recitation of the sastras. Even third-class devotees who have no literary knowledge or no time to read Srimad-Bhagavatam or Bhagavad-gitä get the opportunity to hear about the pastimes of the Lord. In this way their minds may remain always absorbed in the thought of the Lord—His form, His activities and His transcendental nature. This state of Krishna consciousness is a liberated stage. Lord Caitanya, therefore, recommended five important processes in the discharge of devotional service: (1) to chant the holy names of the Lord, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Räma, Hare Räma, Räma Räma, Hare Hare, (2) to associate with devotees and serve them as far as possible, (3) to hear Srimad-Bhagavatam, (4) to see the decorated temple and the Deity and, if possible, (5) to live in a place like Vrndävana or Mathurä. These five items alone can help a devotee achieve the highest perfectional stage. This is confirmed in Bhagavad-gitä and here in the Srimad-Bhägavatam. That third-class devotees can also imperceptibly achieve liberation is accepted in all Vedic literatures.

Lecture by H.H. Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami:

Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami: Jai Sri Guru Maharaj Srila Prabhupada.

Reads Verse, Translation and purport.

“Jai Sri Guru Maharaj Prabhupada ki jai” So this verse is very important. Now talking about the devotional service you see, first of all we have to enquire ourselves that why do I come to join the Hare Krishna movement? We all come to the Hare Krishna Movement to join Srila Prabhupada’s mission because somehow or the other we have done some, in our past lives some karma some good karma some good activities. The result of that is the Lord is so merciful, that He has brought us to Srila Prabhupad.’s movement. So therefore we are talking about 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class devotees. See the devotees are vaisnava, as vaisnavas of the Lord, we are all servants, and we are always servants of servants of the Lord. So this is our mood. In the vaisnava culture we feel that I am the most fallen. I am even below the 3rd class devotees and the lowest. So this mood, this is the culture of devotional life. So once we have developed this culture then automatically by the blessings of the Lord and blessings of the spiritual master, we can understand what is the ultimate duty that we have to perform. This is very important and useful in devotional life. So in the worship of the Deities in this form we have to go very deeply. Lots of people say that we are worshipping the Deities made of stone and other materials and sometimes it is said that nature of Supreme Lord is called nirguna Brahman. Nirguna means without attributes but actually in our understanding it is the transcendental attributes. Similarly, Deity worship of the Deity forms… Guru Maharaj Srila Prabhupad explains is Saguna Brahman. Saguna means, there are several definitions of Saguna Brahman. That in the sense, the Brahman or transcendental nature is some how mixed with the modes of material nature. That sometimes is called Saguna Brahman. But in this particular case it is transcendental because of the presence of The Lord. Just like the body of a pure devotee is called transcendental. Just like Prabhupada’s transcendental body. A pure devotee of the Lord, because although his body is made of chemicals,… chemistry ordinarily the scientists will say this body is made of chemicals but when one becomes a pure devotee of the Lord, one who is advanced in Krishna Consciousness then the body has nothing to do with the material aspect. Therefore it is transcendental, Saguna Brahman, in the vaisnava understanding it is transcendental. So sometimes in the Deity worship the Lord is made up of materials, but then when it is stone, we do prana prathista and install the Deity properly by following proper authorized process according to the authorized instructions given in the scriptures. Therefore it is not an ordinary thing. It is The Lord Himself, manifest in this way so that simple devotees like us, ordinary devotees like us can identify Him easily. We are used to dealing with each other as individuals in our daily life. So, similarly when we see the Lord like that we can identify Him more easily. Therefore the Lord is so merciful, so in order to inspire the sincere devotee of the Lord, the Lord has appeared in this form. But that is transcendental. In order to be understood this way.

Therefore we have to study ourselves internally that, by asking who am I? What is my duty? Why I came to Krishna Consciousness? And this we have to ask regularly. Everyday to enquire then we will be able to go beyond the modes of nature, Ahankar. In other words, unless one is situated properly in this understanding in this culture, why am I infected by external modes of nature? It is very powerful. It is very powerful. You see these 3 modes Sattva, Raja and Tama, 3 gunas of this prakriti are so powerful that even the most advanced great soul is liable to be affected. So therefore we have to be extremely careful that the devotional path is not blocked by this great wall of material nature. So once we come to the platform then it is very natural that one will make progress. Now we heard in this purport Srila Prabhupada mentions here and also there in the Nector of Devotion that there are five important processes in the discharge of devotional service. First of all we must always chant the Mahamantra, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare(gurumaharaj chants and responded by audience), and also it is called Yuga dharma. In the age of kali…. we live in the age of Kali. So the modern terminology of Kali Yuga is the age of Science and technology. You see we live in the age of Science and technology right? So this is the modern translation of Kali Yuga. In this age what happens is that the quarrelling mentality becomes very prominent. We have to live with this. There is no complaint, because the Kali Yuga is supposed to be the age of Science and technology. We have to fight; otherwise we are not worthy of living in this age of kali. So, because it is the symptom. The symptom of age of kali is that people are very prominent in fighting in outdoing each other. Iran-Iraq war, terrorism all this bomb blasts all these things will not be reduced. It will only increase. So therefore this is called reality.

Nature of reality in the age of kali.

So in the age of kali, Science and Technology, also we have to be very practical in our devotional service. So you, we should practice Krishna Consciousness in scientific way. So scientific is the term Srila Prabhupada has used in a very important way.
Scientific … what do you mean by scientific? So is there anyone who has an answer. (gurumaharaj laughs)…. It is not very easy, but I will explain. Scientific means something that theoretical knowledge is put into practice. For example people say “smoking is not good” we have heard cigarette smoking causes cancer. There is dangerous. Even on the label on the cigarette box. So therefore people know it. There are many people who do not follow. They buy and they smoke. That means such persons although theoretical knowledge is available but he is not practicing. Therefore he is not a scientist. Scientific means what is stated or what is truth what is useful that we apply in our practical life. Moment to moment in practical life. So, there we say don’t use cigarette and if we follow it then it is called scientific. Similarly Krishna consciousness that if we chant the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra daily we have heard this from so many devotees, but when we meet new person we say my dear so and so please chant, it will give you wonderful feeling. You will feel happy and you will develop all the wonderful qualities. But if he doesn’t chant, then he is not able to understand it scientifically. In other words he is not a scientist. He is not able to use it in daily life therefore he will not get the result. So, therefore he will only get attracted to Maya, because he is not able to use it. So, he cannot be scientifically understood. In other words practical application of the scriptures in daily life is called scientific in a simple way. If you use it in your daily life and apply it in your daily life then you get the result. So, therefore Science means you get the result but if we do not do it, it is not scientific and you are not a scientist. You don’t understand it is not at all difficult. Therefore Srila Prabhupada used to say many many times. Prabhupada told me many many times to make Manipur a scientific Vaishnava culture. Srila Prabhupada told me make Manipur the first scientific vaisnava state means people should follow the 4 regulative principles then they become scientists. When you follow the 4 regulative principles you will become a scientist. Scientist does not necessarily mean that you go to the college and get some degree in some subject or in Science, not necessarily you are a scientist. People say that you are a scientist we have to study physics or chemistry but that is one thing. But if you do not apply what is being taught in your daily subject matter, you don’t really know, because the result is not there. So similarly in the devotional life it is very important to realize the terminologies today, what the word scientific means in our devotional practice. Whatever stated in the scriptures is being applied in our daily life. You use it in your daily life, then the result will be there. Practical result, then it becomes scientific. You become scientist so this is a very .. you can have many different discussions. But this is the proper understanding according to Prabhupada’s instruction. So therefore it is very very important to realize in the matter of spiritual life in this age . The process and knowledge is given. Knowledge is given by the continued blessing of spiritual master and Lord Sri Krishna …

Yasya deve para bhaktir yatha deve tatha guru………

So this is the principle of the scriptures. So by the combined blessings of Spiritual Master and Lord Sri Krishna, the knowledge will be revealed. Krishna Consciousness is called revealed knowledge, where the knowledge is given through the parampara process. So in Krishna Consciousness we follow this principle.
Evam parampara praptam…..

The knowledge has to be received by the process of parampara. So if in devotional service this is not practiced in our daily life, then I am not understanding the proper duty in devotional service.
So, Gauranga Mahaprabhu says in Sikshashtakam. What does Gauranga Mahaprabhu say? The qualification of a devotee is that
Trinad api sunicena tarorapi sahisnuna….
This is the qualification one has to recognize that one must be humble, humble means one must be very very respectful to every living living being. To be respectful to mosquito, to be respectful to any living form of life, to the plant, to the trees to the dolphins and to everyone. This is the qualification of a vaisnava and vaisnavi. But the example mentioned by Gauranga Mahaprabhu … trinad api sunicena…. That one must be humbler than the grass. The unique quality of the grass, the grass never complains, we go over the grass by the road but the grass never complains. So the spirit of humility is very interesting. Now today that is called the Science of humility. ..Scientific study of humility. Very important field of our study today in Science and spirituality dialogue. Humility, how do you understand that it is scientific process of humility? There are institutions around the world spending billions of dollars to study about the Science of Humility. This is there. It is recognized by Science today that without humility it is never possible to understand the nature of reality. Reality of nature means the Science of God. About Science of life. About the Science of Jivatma. Without this it is not possible to understand the intricate deeper knowledge of subject matters. So this is one of qualification, means one must be very humble. It is not enough to say, everybody says. we have to practice.
We have to naturally manifest. Everybody say that “you are humble”, “you are arrogant”or “you are this and that” but how to practice humility? How does it come through? How does it manifest. Gauranga Mahaprabhu says in order to practice to develop pure devotional service this is one of the requirements. Even in chanting Mahamantra, without this we cannot chant properly. This is one of the requirements. Trinad api sunicena…. He says this all the time but then how do we practice? How many of us are practicing ? trinad api…The opposite is that we become proud and angry. Instead of becoming humble we become very proud this is the natural thing. It comes with out … it doesn’t require any training. Is there any university to teach us how to become very angry. Because it comes automatically we don’t see any institution to teach how to become angry(gurumaharaj laughs)…. But Gauranga Mahaprabhu says we have to be humble.. right?.
The second point Gauranga Mahaprabhu says is that tarorapi sahisnuna…. That one must be tolerant, titikshava… qualities of a sadhu. In Bhagavatam the qualities of a person practicing the devotional service, saintly person, a sadhu… Titiskhava…. Karunika very tolerant one must be very compassionate, without having this humility how can you develop these qualities. So here Gauranga Mahaprabhu says .. Gives the example that one must be more tolerant than a tree. Is it always? Sometime ago we had a champa tree a flowering champa tree.. there was a champa tree here. I Remember it in the premises(Refers to Juhu ISKCON premises). In the previous life there was a champa tree but we see that the tree was standing there for a long time. It is a bel tree, always, whenever we come here we see the beautiful trees there in different weather situations. But it is always there. No complaints. So this is the example of tolerance. Extreme tolerance. So we say this all the time but if we practice at every stage it becomes scientific / you are using devotional life in a scientific way. Doesn’t mean you go to the lab and carryout this experiment. It is already done. You practice, practicing means you are putting into experiment. Experimenting . So this way one becomes more tolerant than a tree. So this is the very important qualification on how to practice in devotional service.

So, the third thing is. Amanina manadena….
Amaninamadena… means one should be free from arrogance. One should not be puffed up by the ahankar mentality because of the Rajasic and tamari gunas….lower modes of material nature . so we have to be free from that. …Amanina…. So once we are free from the influence of the lower modes of material nature, that this Gauranga Mahaprabhu says, “kirtaniya sada hari. …so then one can actually chant the Mahamantra ……………Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
This chanting is very scientific. Prabhupada used to say it is very scientific. Scientific means we are doing it, practicing it. Srila Prabhupada says if we chant 16 rounds. Srila Prabhupada says all the Hare Krishna people are the best scientists. All scientists, we are millions of scientists(gurumaharaj laughs…) this is the Prabhupada’s very practical explanation. Not to confuse people in general. Practical application of teaching of the scriptures in a practical daily way, the scriptures now in our case Bhagavad-Gita, Bhagavatam all these wonderful scriptures of Krishna Consciousness movement should be applied in our daily life and this is called practical application of Krishna Consciousness. Sometimes we say while speaking among scientists, we say that Krishna consciousness is called spiritual technology. Now we have this IT right? Information technology, IIT-Indian institute of Technology, we have Universal Institute of Technology what is that spiritual Technology called? That is Krishna Consciousness.

In IIT in scientific theory they put the engg work in technological application. So this becomes technology. Similarly what is this spiritual technology? It is practical application of spiritual knowledge into the real practical utility. Similarly, when scriptures are the source of information , it becomes spiritual technology. Scientific application of spiritual knowledge in our daily life. Then it becomes practical and we get the result. You see our devotees some of them had very bad habits, there is sometimes, someone comes with a look of a drunkard, you see on the road you see some drunkard you can easily see that this fellow must have done something wrong. But when he comes to Krishna Consciousness… Prabhupada say 4 regulative principles…otherwise you cannot stay in the temple…follow and he gets the shelter immediately the next day and in 1 week their eyes become very shining the face becomes brilliant and he become smiling. Prabhupada says they all look like people from Vaikunta planet. It is a transform, practical application. It is scientific you see the result. Result of practicing Krishna Consciousness. So therefore Prabhupada uses the word scientific in that conception in that category.

Scientific Krishna Consciousness , it is therefore very important for all of us to actually try to understand properly different conceptions. So that, without that….. and this comes only by quality of humility. This is the foundation without that nothing is possible. Nothing is ……(indistinct) nothing is possible because there is no room for ahankar in devotional service. Therefore this is the requirement and this the qualification . this way one will make progress in spiritual journey. Journey will be very simple. Today around the world this devotional service is being discussed among the scientists. They are not ordinary scientists. They are topmost scientists of today. They often discuss about prayer, effects of prayer right? 20 Nobel laureates came together to discuss about the prayer, the effect of prayer in the life of a person. Prayer is scientific. Scientists are praying, different types of prayers. But they are also saying praying is scientific. We apply and many reports about prayer. So today in the scientific world you see … Prabhupada said 20 to 30 years ago it is not so easy to speak to the scientists. Especially high caliber scientists, Nobel laureates, when we talk about God or about spiritual thing they would not listen to you. They won’t even welcome you. They won’t even allow you to enter into the room and because this fellow is doing something strange he has got some message from forest,….but today you see now all this big big scientists have become very much interested . My experience in the last 10 years or so recent times this actually happened after the 9/11, the tragedy the terror attack on two towers in New York City. From that one good thing happened, all the scientists want to become devotees of Krishna. (Laughter..) So from that tragedy something become ok. It is all real fact, they are looking… that they all want to become devotees. So then we will have very powerful devotees –scientists very soon. Somehow or the other(gurumaharaj laughs…)
in that connection Prabhupada says, often many times he said scientific preaching. What good is your PhD? When I saw Prabhupada he told me what good is your PhD unless you can prove that God is a Person? This was Prabhupada’s number 1 program in scientific preaching. Scientific preaching is to show that God exists. Also to transform the hearts of the scientists. Therefore his first program is called Life Comes from Life. So we have to prove Life comes from Life. So, in other words in scientific community must be convinced about the existence of God and the Origin of Life is Krishna and they have to accept about the existence of God. Therefore I wrote the scientific basis of Krishna Consciousness in 1973 as my Vyasa Puja offering to Prabhupada and I actually I wrote these little few pages but Prabhupada said it will be published as a book and I put some illustrations and published. But it was a small little sketch but Prabhupada said is very scientific and so therefore this principle is very important today the scientists are interested. So I want to show you the book “God is a Person”(this book released recently by BI) this title came from Prabhupada to me he said you can prove God is a Person. Laurel of getting the PhD is to prove that God is a person. So this… Prabhupada says many times about scientific preaching that from this we can prove that life come from life. And these two scientists(referring to two scientists interviewed by gurumaharaj in his book ‘God is a person’) I spoke only last year you see. I have met practically many of the scientists we have today around the world and this is called Prof. Charles Towns and he gave the keynote address when we organized a conference for syntheses of Science and Religion for Prabhupada’s Centennial program. He came and gave the keynote address and he is the one who got the Nobel Prize for LASER. Today for many eye operations, surgeries anything major we have contributions of anything Laser, Printing etc and all these things are his contributions. Townes is 90 yrs old and he discussed directly about God. We did not discuss much about material Science. Both are physicists both are Nobel laureates and both are I could say most prominent Nobel laureates of our times. So both somehow by blessings of Prabhupada I got little tied up with them, became friends and now we can discuss directly about God. So now you can see all these discussion are about God. Scientific understanding about God. Both of them say God is a Person. They had personal relationship. Einstein also had the conception of God but that was Mayavadi but we don’t want mayavadi philosophy. Therefore these are exceptional scientists and so they are very very…… please read this(referring to book ‘God is a person’ .) some copies are available here … everyone will get a copy of this you see and then we can discuss and see what is their discussion. I think you can see some very interesting connections with the scriptures and from their scriptures. They also mentioned from Bible, and I myself, our target is the Bhagavatam. From Bhagavatam .. brahmeti paramatmeti bhagavan iti sabyate. So this was written inside but the way they expressed in their own point of view, so I wanted to pursue that this is a good material to go through it. And if you have some comments like that please send me. send it to me . some criticism something to improve. This is the first production . I am very much focusing on scientific preaching. My whole life Prabhupada trained me how to do scientific preaching. How to do scientific preaching- kind of Prabhupada set aside for me. So therefore this my prime duty in the service of Prabhupada. Second book also came a few weeks ago. This is called “Life, matter and its interactions” … the distinction between spirit and matter is required in order to become a pure devotee of the Lord. We have to understand the distinction between what is the atma and the matter. We have to understand what is the difference between the particles of electron and transcendental particles of life. What is called the transcendental particles of life? What is it called ? Krishna says is Bhagavad-Gita “mamaivamsa jivaloke jiva bhuta Santana…” what does that mean? Mamaivamsa means particles “ansh” means particles mamaivamsa means My particles. The transcendental particles of Krishna is called the “atma’. Atma . so this is correct . Krishna says “mamaivamsa jivaloke…. So in out modern terminology we call it “spiriton”(word coined by gurumaharaj and used among his scientific circles) the fundamental particles of God. The spiritual particles of God is called spiriton. You understand ? Krishna says the fundamental particles of supreme spirit and if you say supreme spirit is Krishna then the fundamental particle of Krishna is called “spiriton”. Spiritual particles. The scientists they heard about spiriton. What is the difference from matter? So they began to enquire. So this is called the distinction between life and matter. In Life and Matter it is called “spiriton” what is the distinction between electron and proton, particles of matter, and spiriton. The fundamental particles of supreme spirit particles of Krishna. so this is supreme spirit. The distinction is that the electron has no consciousness . it is dead. It has no consciousness. The spiriton has consciousness and has a personality. It has a free will. And this spiriton wants to take maha prasadam you see. The electron doesn’t want that . so in this way it is very simple. So this is another area about different qualities. Distinction between life and matter Bhagavad-Gita also says 5 gross elements 3 subtle elements; they are called the separated energy. Besides that there is a spiritual that is jivatma. So transcendental… to make it into scientific understanding this is called scientific. This is called scientific presentation of Krishna Consciousness. Spirit and Matter. Once we have this we can answer who am I? aham brahmasmi. Scriptures say ‘aham brahmasmi’. I am the fundamental particle of Krishna. Brahmasmi means I am fundamental particle of Krishna . I am the spirit soul. I am the particle of life. So this is it. So it becomes natural . So the scientists can understand this if they have some little background. “Aham brahmasmi” so in this way it will be quite useful and also this knowledge. If we go further in Bhagavad-Gita Krishna says “Raja vidya raja guhyam….” So this knowledge once we know the difference between matter and spirit this comes within the confidential knowledge.

Raja vidya raja guhyam
su-sukham kartum avyayam…B.G. 9.2
So therefore this knowledge is called the devotional Science. It is called raja vidya raja guhyam pavitram idam uttamam…………………………………susukam
This knowledge is the raja vidya, king of education. What is that knowledge? The knowledge about the Science of soul and also includes the knowledge about the Science of understanding the difference between spirit and the matter…. life and matter and applying that. So at once we know how to engage in devotional service, pure devotional service. So this knowledge is called king of education and also it is raja guhyam that is actually confidential. King of all confidential knowledge and it is also pavitram idam uttamam. It is very pure. Uttamam – It is the highest. So this knowledge, it order to practice the most highest knowledge one has to build the foundation properly. Otherwise the background has to be understood. But if we don’t have any knowledge about devotional life unless I get mercy from Krishna or from spiritual master that cannot be developed. so easily to carry on. So it is very important . rajya vidya raja guhyam…………………….
There is one very important word here “pratiksha” sense perception but actually in senses there are 4 defects. Because of that it is not possible to know how to understand the knowledge properly. But when senses are purified completely, senses are transformed into spiritual senses, and then it becomes completely pure. In that pure state of mind you can have direct perception. It is called revelation. The revelations are called shabda praman in our Vedantic epistemology. So this direct perception that is, when the senses are completely spiritualized we can see with divine eyes and when there is no defect at that time the senses it is possible, can receive the knowledge directly. Pratiksha……….. this.. you are in the transcendental mode of happiness, then it becomes “ sat cit ananda” i.e. ananda sagaram…in the ocean of happiness understanding developing pure devotional service. Become very enjoyable. It is the natural function of the jiva we realize ………………jivera svarupa hoi………………
……………….nitya Krishna das…………..

So this we can realize and practice in our daily life. To recognize that the fundamental particles of Krishna is the eternal servant of Krishna. So this is actually the goal of our devotional practice. To realize these things and practice it in our day-to-day life. So this way it is possible to develop these pure devotional qualities and that way our journey in devotional life will only be a journey of happiness and free from all difficulties and troubles, a journey will become simply joyful.
Jai Srila Prabhupad ki jai.
Gaura Premanande. Hari Hari Bol.

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One Response to “Scientific understanding of Krishna Consciousness”

  1. Anuttama Das says :

    Memories of Bhakti Svarupa Damodar Swami
    by Anuttama Das (acbsp 1971, Non-GBC, Husband of Rama Tulasi)

    Maharaja has suddenly left us without any time for us to say good bye. We are all crying and are feeling bereft without him. When saints are with us we must associate with them and we must serve them. Although a number of godbrothers went to Manipur with Maharaja after Gaura Purnima, the rest of the year he was alone.

    I traveled to many places in the world with Maharaja. Over the last 15 years that I spent with Maharaja there were several special comments that he made to me that I wanted to share:

    “ISKCON is proof that Krsna is God because ISKCON is still going on.”

    “ISKCON is unity in diversity.”

    “When you are a Guru you must be carful of what you say.”

    “Srila Prabhupada always talked about science with me.”

    “I am nonconfrontational”

    “I never saw a begger till I came to Calcutta. [In Manipur no one begs or passes in public]”

    “I learned to sing by practice.”

    “Bali is a very special place. The devotees love Kirtan there.”

    “When I was on night watch with Srila Prabhupada in his last days he use to speak so many things with me in Bengali. About his family and the early days of his life.”

    I asked him what he thought about the troubles in ISKCON. He said,”I don’t think about them, I have my service given to me by Srila Prabhupada.”

    Maharaja was always careful to put on his seat belt while in the car. So I asked him why he was so careful, did you have an accident once?

    He said, “No I learned it in drivers education that one must use his seatbelt.”

    Maharaja alway brought us gifts, a chadder from Manipur, a bell from Bali. When he was coming to see our one year old grandaughter (Revati Prema) for the first time he made a special stop at the store. He bought her flowers and a balloon that said “you go girl” He picked this out himself. He is the only Sannyasi that gave gifts to others.

    I always loved to take him shopping at K Mart for gifts to bring back to the devotees in India. Maharaja would push the cart and say what he wanted. He would buy sleeping bags and socks for the Manipui devotees. He said you can’t get good socks in India.

    Maharaja would never take prasadam until you came and ate with him and he would not get up until he asked for your permission.

    Once we took a two day boat trip between islands in Indonesia rather than fly, I was his cabin mate. He said,” I took the boat because I wanted to see what boat trips where like.”

    He was like a child at times. I loved that simple nature of his.

    Yes, he was my best friend, I was looking foward to retiring from work and spending all my time with him, now I will have to wait and see what Krsna’s plan is.

    Krsna das Kaviraja writes “To meet a devotee for a second is a great fortune. Krsna is always with the devotee, and the heart of a devotee is the abode of Krsna. Without the association of devotees no one can attain Krsna.”

    So let us not wait till our godbrothers are gone to speak well of them and lament their departure. We should make it a point to travel and preach with each other and enjoy each others company. Don’t think that only your own assocation is valuable or that you have no time be cause you are too busy preaching in your field. Time is short let us not waste any more time and then lament.

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