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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Launch of Lokanath Swami’s Vraja-mandala Darsana at Govardhan…

Friday, 13 November 2015 / Published in Recent Media / 888 views

Launch of Lokanath Swami’s Vraja-mandala Darsana at Govardhan Eco-village.
During the recently held midterm GBC meetings and on the inauguration of the Twelve forests of Vrindavan, HH Radhanath Swami also Lokanath Swami’s Vraja-mandala book with the following: Lokanath Maharaja, Haribol!! Lokanath Swami Maharaja has been going for decades taking hundreds and hundreds and thousands of devotees on Vraja mandala Parikrama and he has compiled this book with all the information that he has researched and all the realisations that he has and all the enthusiasm is incredible and all the devotees had been with him. And now here I, we, have Vraja-mandala Darsana, a thirty days Parikrama series. Haribol!! I don’t have to ask you to purchase a book. I don’t think you could resist. We all thank you Lokanath Swami Maharaja . Thank you for your wonderful encouragement here at Govardhan Eco-village. Then Maharaja gave a tour of the Vrindavan project to the assembled devotees.