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Little Conch: ‘Breaking News: Shootings and explosions in Paris’…

Saturday, 14 November 2015 / Published in Recent Media / 784 views

Little Conch: ‘Breaking News: Shootings and explosions in Paris’
Last night as I laid my head to the pillow, a red notification popped up on my phone. ‘Breaking News: Shootings and explosions in Paris’, it announced. The disaster had just happened, mere minutes earlier. There was very little information, just a handful of facts and speculations. I closed my eyes with a sigh and a prayer. Earlier that evening at home we had sat around a live stream from Wembley Stadium of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dazzling welcome reception to the UK. There was a sparkling stream of dancers, a full symphonic orchestra, giant rangolis in national colours, and much general hoo-ha. Modi spoke from the podium on India’s bright future, painting a vision of a country energised by solar power and high speed trains.
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