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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

New Raman Reti: Vegetable Gardens in the Winter. Dvarkadisa das:…

Friday, 15 January 2016 / Published in Recent Media / 594 views

New Raman Reti: Vegetable Gardens in the Winter.
Dvarkadisa das: For those of us from up north growing vegetables in the winter takes some mental adjustment. For Janamejaya das and Sanka das it’s part of the program. The produce they produce on the farm throughout the year is all for the Deities’ pleasure. It is used for Deity offerings, the devotee lunch at the temple, Sunday Feasts, and occasionally for the Santa Fe College Krishna Lunch program. It is never for sale.
Of course, the winter rotation calls for different crops. Right now various kinds of lettuce lead the way—Iceberg, Romaine, Bib and a Spring Mix. Kale, collards and cabbage are also being harvested. Broccoli and more cabbage are being put into trays for the spring planting, and tomatoes and flowers will follow around the first of February. According to Janamejaya das, the deer have been more curious and less of a nuisance during the fall than they were in the summer. Still, part of the plans for the gardens is to raise the fences from a height of six feet to eight.
The gardens at the temple are an easy place to see devotional service in action. The service is done directly for the pleasure of our Deities and the devotees. It takes patience, perseverance, detachment, humility and dependence on Krishna. Devotees who have some interest in gardening and might want some advice, can feel free to ask Janamejaya das (if he doesn’t have some chores to do). If anyone wants to help directly a large bag of Cottonseed Meal would be appreciated, (available at Alachua Farm & Lumber), which will be mixed with various crushed rocks to amend the soil and support healthier plants.