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Vedic winsdom to Concerned Doctors at GFESH Summit. On January…

Saturday, 16 January 2016 / Published in Recent Media / 664 views

Vedic winsdom to Concerned Doctors at GFESH Summit.
On January 3rd, 2016 Radhanath Swami gave the keynote address at the medical conference Medical Profession – Welfare Not Warfare held at Mumbai. The event was organized by the Global Foundation for Ethical and Spiritual Health (GFESH), a global initiative patronized by Radhanath Swami that aims to blend traditional spiritual science of healing with modern medical science. The event was supported by Indian Medical Association, Association of Medical Consultants, Association of Hospitals, and Mumbai Medical Society. Over 500 doctors attended.
The title of the event refers to a recent trend in India where, due to feelings of having been neglected or cheated, patients have attacked doctors and medical institutions both legally as well as through acts of violence. Radhanath Swami mentioned that the group of doctors gathered for the event, if they join together, can make an impact in reversing the trend and that although these doctors are exemplary, still they could see this as a wake-up call to improve the level of care that they provide. Radhanath Swami said, “A true doctor treats each and every patient as he would like himself to be treated when he is a patient. We must see the presence of God in our patients.”
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