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Ten Tips for Smarter Google Searches

Sunday, 03 December 2006 / Published in Citraka dasa, Technical goodies / 3,879 views

By Citraka dasa

Google is a very sophisticated search engine, but most users don’t use its full power. The average user enters a keyword or two into Google’s search box, clicks the Search button, and waits for Google to display the first page of search results. This is a rather brute-force method of searching, unfortunately, and typically generates a ton of mostly unwanted results.

There is a better way to search—one that generates a smaller, more targeted list of results. All you have to do is implement a few simple tips, and you’ll soon be generating more and better Google search results.

1. Tip #1: Use the Correct Methodology
2. Tip #2: Conduct an “Either/Or” Search
3. Tip #3: Include or Exclude Words in Your Search
4. Tip #4: Search for Similar Words
5. Tip #5: Search for an Exact Phrase
6. Tip #6: List Similar Pages
7. Tip #7: Fine-Tune Your Search with Other Operators
8. Tip #8: Search for Specific Facts
9. Tip #9: Search the Google Directory
10. Tip #10: Use Googles Other Specialized Searches

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