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Poem on Bhagavad-gita

Sunday, 17 December 2006 / Published in Articles, Nandanandana das, Poetry / 17,405 views

By Sri Nandanandana das (ACBSP)

“And I declare that he who studies this sacred conversation [Bhagavad-gita] worships Me by his intelligence.”–Bg 18.70.

Somehow or other, people in history who read and properly appreciated Srimad Bhagavad-gita had succeed and excelled in their activities.

The following poem to Bhagavad-gita and Lord Krishna was written by Amado Nervo, the original is in Spanish and so, you will have to excuse any grammatical inconsistency. His work was published in the French language in France as well.

Amado Nervo (1870-1919) “… poet and diplomat, generally considered the most distinguished Mexican poet of the late 19th- and early 20th-century literary movement known as Modernismo. Nervo’s introspective poetry, characterized by deep religious feeling and simple forms, reflects his struggle for self-understanding and inner peace in an uncertain world.”- Encyclopædia Britannica Online.

Lord, May I Carry You In My Heart
Let others go with galleys of ivory thru the river of life;
and let others to carry a stock of illusion with them;
and yet others, let them to carry rockefellerian treasures
and lordship…
Let me carry You, my God, within my heart!

Let me carry You, my God, like a divine pearl
within the tremulous case of my heart that loves You;
let me carry You in my mind like matutinal light;
let me carry You in my chest like an invisible flame.

In the purest and noblest of my song throbs
may I carry You in the music of everything that rhymes;
and to my spirit, oh Lord, may You be the sublime friend announced
by Your words in the Bhagavad-gita.

February, 1917
From the Collection “The pond of Lotuses”.

Spanish speaking devotees may like to read or copy the original poem, here it is included.

Lleven otros galeras de marfil por el río
de la vida; otros lleven acopio de ilusión;
otros rockfellerescos tesoros, señorío…
¡Llévete yo, Dios mío, dentro del corazón!

Llévete yo, Dios mío, como perla divina
en el trémulo estuche del corazón que te ama;
llévete yo en la mente como luz matutina
llévete yo en el pecho como invisible llama.

Llévete yo en la música de todo cuanto rime;
en lo más puro y noble de mi canción palpita,
y sé para mi espíritu el amigo sublime
que anuncian tus palabras en el Bhagavad-gita.

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    dayananda ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Also, for those who speak German, my friend Akrura Prabhu was kind enough to give me “Bhagavad-gita, Das Lied Der Gottheit,” which is the full Gita in poetic (not exactly modern) German, by Robert Boxberger, originally 1955, reissued by

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